Win 2Pac’s Platinum Plaque for All Eyes On Me

In celebration of their new album, Perfect Timing, the Outlawz have partnered with for an exclusive contest where the winner will receive 2Pac’s platinum plaque for his classic 1996 album, All Eyez On Me.

In order to enter the running, readers will have to email under the subject line “Outlawz Contest” with a photo of the receipt proving that they purchased the group’s lastest CD, along with their name, phone number and physical address.

XXL will be accepting submissions until Friday, October 14. After the contest is closed, a winner will be picked at random, and Young Noble, E.D.I. Mean and Hussein Fatal will present the prize in person.

This contest is open to fans that are currently living in the United States only.

Good luck! —XXL Staff

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  • areldub


  • katt614

    am i the only one who thinks this is wrong? what, Pac’s mom dont want it??

    • d89s90s

      The plaque belongs to Young Noble and he is the one giving it up for the contest. This isn’t the only one ever made, in case you are thinking that. His mom may already have one.
      There were many made and I do believe every person involved in the album received one.

      • Melissa

        You are correct, everybody who was involved with the album can pay to get one. They get one with their name on it and what they were credited for.



  • igotacos

    Ill pass, i already got 1

  • fireforreal

    Man they should just give it away to a community center in california to give the young kids to see and admire. The Outlawz are really trying to hard to sell this album.

  • Hussle’s Way


    isnt there a Pac museum or something? it would be perfect over there. and shame to both The Outlaws and XXL for doing this shit…

  • fuckyall

    why not let fan have it. and beonist the only people buying the album are there cores fans.who for some reason. thank pac was the best to ever do it .biggie all day its about that fire spit. not some want be thug who let suge but a bug in his ear. to sale that thug shit.

    • writesofpassage

      always one faggott who brings up the biggie pac comparison, keep it to yourself no one gives a fuck who you prefer

    • Khan

      what a fool

  • Learning Is Fun

    ^^^^^My people…what is happening to my people?? “Beonist”=be honest. Two words my friend. Although witty, your comment alone warranted another comment, just to comment on your comment. That was terrible. I forgot what the article was about…

  • kasrawiOutlaw

    why all this hate to the outlawz?? Pac IS the captain of the outlawz end the can even give a Platinum Plaque of All Eyes On Me ?? when u buy there album its the PERFECT TIMING FORE THAT!!!

  • Sean Izzle

    Pretty nice competition for the die hard 2Pac fans out there!

    Those RIAA plaques are pretty nice, heavy shit i want one.

  • Iceberg Slim

    The contest ended on Oct 14th. We are now in the middle of Nov. When are they going to announce who won the plaque??