Styles P Speaks on Working With Lloyd Banks [Video]

For Styles P’s new album, Master of Ceremonies, the Yonkers general told that he chose a specific brand of lyricist to work with. Among them were like-minded MC’s like, Busta Rhymes, Pharaohe Monch, Rick Ross and former foe, Lloyd Banks, who appears on the track, “We Don’t Play.”

“I like Banks,” Styles admitted to XXL unabashedly. “I’m a fan of Banks. You already knew what we went through with the D-Block/G-Unit stuff. So I never really got a chance to, before that time, to actually meet him before all that popped off and say, ‘I like your work.’ Actually, I became a fan of Banks when I was locked away.”

SP served time for assault over half-a-decade ago and says that the Unit’s Boy Wonder was one of the artists that helped get him through his tough time.

“His mixtapes get in the pen a lot,” SP added. “I was like, ‘Wow this kid is really doing his thing on the mixtape thing.’ So I was always a fan of how he put his words together, his verses together. The way he comes. It was a pleasure to work with him. I like him, he’s a cool guy. ”

The Ghost also reconnected with Rick Ross for “Harsh.” Of course the two wreaked havoc with “B.M.F.” last year. As for their follow-up, which also features Busta Rhymes, the LOX MC said he wanted to hear the Bawse over a record with a 1990s feel.

“I wanted to get Ross on my type of joint,” SP explained. “I felt he had the lyrical skills and content to hold it on a East Coast/West Coast type of beat. Phonics made it. He’s from Cali, but it still had that hardened tempo of an early ’90′s East Coast joint to me.”

Styles P’s Master of Ceremonies is in stores now. —Shaheem Reid

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  • phil

    they had beef and he did songs dissing the g-unit camp so for him to get on a track with him shows how the rap game is going. You dont got real rappers anymore you got the dudes that have no heart or hunger cuz the money and the fame is so hard to get. Look at soulja boy he does crank that soulja boy makes millions. Back in the 90′s you had to be creative lyrically and you had to have heart or other rappers would see that and tear you apart. I love styles p music but i dont like how he did a song with banks. You either hate the dude or love him dont diss the dude one minute then be on a song with him the next. Doesnt make sense someone please tell me where the rap games going.

    • phil

      typo i meant the money and the fame is so *easy to get* now adayz

  • cam

    It’s called growth man. And actually they both inherited the beef of there camp. Now if 50 and jada got on a track that’s different. But you can’t help but ride for your fam type partner regardless if you like the target or not. I respect it that they can grow and put the dumb shiiiiiiiiit behind them. Both songs they did together dope. Get that doe and still maintain yo g. Real grown man shiiiiiit