Rick Ross Suffers Second Seizure on Flight [Update]

Rick Ross is unconscious with paramedics trying to resuscitate him, TMZ reported just minutes ago.

The celebrity news/gossip Web site reported that Ross lost consciousness immediately after take off while going on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis on Friday (October 14). The plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

Emergency workers were called to the scene at 12:55 p.m., with callers calling it a seizure.
Ross was put on a gurney at the airport with EMT workers administering CPR to the Maybach Music Group boss. And a witness tells TMZ that the Bawse is showing signs of life.

Update: “I just talked to Ross…he’s 100 pct ok (sic),” MMG signee Wale just tweeted.

Update [8:22pm]: TMZ is reporting that Ross suffered another seizure a short time ago, this time aboard a private jet. They are reporting he is currently in stable condition.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as the story develops. —Jakinder Singh

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  • The Boss’ Girl

    Lord please look after him while he’s going through this tragic situation. Only you have control, no doctors or nurse. Thank You for letting your will be done in His life.

    • BritBrat

      I totally agree


      There is no god involved here.The doctor saved his ass.Thats what you get for eating like a madman and gain weight like a motherfucker.He should head straight to the gym and drop half his weight or else he wont live past 40.Fact

      • tray

        he also needs to stop smoking.

      • http://facebook eric sureman

        yeah u rite this don’t got nothing 2 do with god

      • NeekaBoo

        you damn dummy…you don’t get seizures from overeating, its a neurological condition asshole. But what you can do is eat a dick because clearly you just say shit just to say it. Ross is that nigga and if he so choses to feast like a king, so be it. He can pay somebody to have a healthy lifestyle for him lmao…

    • rio1

      good God forgives,maybe he should start.

  • black jesus

    omg. please sweet baby jesus, you took tupac, at least let us keep ROZAY!

  • might better

    its only a seziure. calm the blooodclot down. god doesnt control seizures lol smh

  • yaSire

    Can’t Believe the ignorance im seeing here in regards to the comments.. ” G0D doesnt control seizures ” ” There is no G0D involved here, doctor’s saved him” smh!! REally!! iTs Sad people.. in 2011??

    I fig’d out wht my purpose is on 2day.. nolonger can run from it.. I Have to Minister!! Cuz most of Us are Lost.. thts Y folks like Wayne n Ross get held up high.. you’ll Believe in ONLY wht you See!!

    • $yk


      why does God allow children and people to die of starvation? If people are so lost, and you need to minister, please provide an accurate answer as to why this practice is done to many babies, children, and adults on this planet.

      And being accurate means provide FACTS, not FAITH in what you have read…because I already know one of the answers will be because “they are not children of God, they haven’t given themselves to the Lord”, and you have no PROOF of that assessment…

      on subject, Ross needs to hit the gym and change that diet…

      • JMG

        What does 2011 have to do with believing in God religion is bigger then it’s ever been 1/4 of the population claim to be christian 2.5 Billion people. That just christians….and also if there is a God let talk theorectical since you don’t wantr to talk faith. If there’s a God then what does your standards about children or anyone being harmed have to do with the existence of a deity if there is a God He is Self existent and exists regadless if your moral standards allow it lol

    • xxblayzexx

      yeah its 2011 and people still dont believe in doctors, even our sad, sad candidates. on some scary sh*t!!

    • http://www.xxlmag.com BIG MIKE

      Wisdom> Understanding> Knowledge Common sense: This is basic math to anyone not understanding me. I see a few cats stating god has nothing to do with this, and that’s true, I can give you that much credit cuz you reffering to bg, “baby g”. But, for real, you may think you kicking knowledge and don’t even know that you really a fool. God controls everything including life and death + your destiny, life or hell. He’s the real OG, “Original God” wit a capital G, who rules everything around us, including dolla dolla bills. Ricky Rozay says God forgives, I don’t; well, buddy, he just give you another chance to live, so recognize who’s BOSS homez_ Yeah, that bamma can flow, yeah, I giv’em that much, but like the big homie Ice T says, he got an identity crisis, True That Tchyeah.

      • $yk

        Wisdom> Understanding> Knowledge Common sense: This is basic math to anyone not understanding me.”

        ^ impossible

        how can you be wise about something and understand it, but have no knowledge of it? Knowledge ALWAYS comes first, THAT’S what makes you WISE enough to UNDERSTAND it. So when you say this…

        “But, for real, you may think you kicking knowledge and don’t even know that you really a fool.”

        be careful because you may be describing yourself…especially if you live by what I just corrected.

      • $yk

        ………I had to come back to this…

        how can you be wise and understand something you don’t know or have no knowledge of?

        youngin’s DO NOT follow this train of thought…that formula is what we call GOSSIP

        • $yk


          how can you explain the textures of fabric and psi numbers on heel/achilles strike impact and understand the pros and cons of the AirMax ’95 running shoe but have never seen it, purchased it or used it? Is this when “well…they said…” kicks in?

          if an alien intervention happened right now it would question faith…or would you automatically assume you’re the better species…to dignify your reactions and existence…without KNOWLEDGE of if that same species is responsible for all creation on this orb…

  • Marv

    I wouldn’t gon say nothing buuuuutttt, it is crazy to hear cats think the Lord is on his side. Pause and think…, this dude talks about smashing chics, degrading our women, selling dope, making money, etc. If God is so holy (which He is) do you really… really think God is endorsing him. Please don’t me twisted I’m not here like I don’t I sin or fall short, because when I die I’m a have to give account for my sins. All i’m saying have a little common sense and realize stuff Rick says, people listen and act on it, anyone for that matter. He just happen to be in the public’s eye and people love him. Now you may say well he just speaking about stuff that go on everyday in the hood, blah blah blah. That don’t mean it’s right. Don’t mean to sound so elementary and stuff but we gotta wake up and stop sleeping. Let’s hope and pray he realizes from after this seizure his life can be gon in a split second and that he realize who the Boss really is God the Father. Now ya’ll go ahead and bash me for this one. I’m good!

  • Dead President

    yeah yeah yeah look. if ya SCARED, GO TO CHURCH. .


    Hopefully it ruined his vocal chords, death would be too much for him but please lord give our ears a rest.

  • killa

    keep your beliefs to yourself and allow other people to express themselves… muhfucking trolls always looking for any GOD comment to claim their athiestic beliefs… stfu and move on, religion will always exist.

    on that note, I don’t like rozay personally but wishing death on anyone is not right, so hopefully he recovers and hits the gym so he can lose some weight and become healthy…

    • http://facebook eric sureman

      yeah there’s more religion then ever and i don’t see that shit helping. don’t get me wrong there’s something greater out there but we will never know what it is and man always has to have an answer that’s why they invented religion and also 2 control us. why u praying 2 god 2 save him if god controls everything then he’s the 1 who gave the seizure in the first place…think about it

    • Dead President

      @ ‘killa’ “keep your beliefs to yourself and allow other people to express themselves”……EXACTLY, thats what we doing homie take your own ‘advice’ .

  • Down South G

    Regardless of who we are or what we do we are all Gods children. True the doctors & nurses saved him, but it was God that gave the nureses & doctors that ability to save lives. Now I see whats wrong with the world!! Ignorance is a DISEASE and its spreading.


      It’s hilarious you talk about ignorance being a disease considering you believe in a magical man in the sky. Even if there was a God why would he give two shits about a dude like Rick Ross. A man who’s entire career is built on a series of bullshit lies. God didn’t give the nurses and doctors shit they went to school for years and years to attain there knowledge and abilities it was not given it was earned. On that same note did you know that scientist are more than 90% atheists. Religion holds black people back like nothing else in America and the world in general. This ability to blindly follow criminals like Cleflo Dollar and that diddler Eddie Long leads black people to value faith (Like Shirley Sheppard proudly proclaiming she doesn’t know if the world is round and that Christianity predated all other ancient societies) instead of intelligence and knowledge. Being quickest in the herd doesn’t mean you aren’t a sheep.

      • $yk

        I was going to type the same thing…doctors and nurses LEARN that skill, they are not ANOINTED with it.. If they were ANOINTED, they would have a 1000% success rate, RIGHT? All diseases would be curable, because God would show them how to cure it, RIGHT?

        So if what you guys are saying is right…can you explain why God wanted to spare Ross’ life, to teach him a lesson, even though we ALL know he spews death and destruction to the people for personal profit, yet allows a baby to die in a crib?

        Will we say because he can reach the people? I can reach MORE people doing what I’m doing NOW…

        Don’t know if I should keep going because none have even answered my 1st question up there…but I will state this…white supremacists are Christian…a lot of cults are Christian…yes they consider themselves God’s children too…the OKC guy was an avid church goer…

        can you explain what was God’s purpose for that one?

  • $yk


    “TMZ has learned … Rick Ross’ private jet made an emergency landing in Birmingham, Alabama, 2 hours ago, en route to his concert in Memphis … and we found out he suffered another seizure.”

    ^ for the person who said it’s JUST a seizure…2 in a day is not something to sneeze at…

  • zi

    uhhh got a whopper in the car uhhh whopper in the car



  • kukluxswag

    push it to the limit

  • Mr. 306

    1. god believers you either believe Ross is a fake or God supports drug kingpins. 2. Two seizures in one day IS a big deal. 3. Did god both give him the seizure and keep him alive? or one or the other. 4. God does not exist, or at least not in any capacity that man has quantified. 5. Rick Ross is fat as fuck, he brought this upon himself. 6. Pac was a visionary and so much more than a musician (if you can even call Ross that) and if “god” took him early, Ross is dead along with the rest of MMG. 7.,8. and 9. come on people there’s no god, its the 21st century. grow up.

    • ms. ross

      Let me tell you something you mr.306 fuck. you must be hating on home, because he came up in no time and everybody love him. you is a low down dirty fuck boy. thats what you is. it could be you. think about that. i am a damn biggest fan of him. i want to be his wife. you is a big fuck,fuck boy. how about that. i hope my future husband bounce back strong and come find you fuck boy ass and put a sock in your mouth. I LOVE YOU RICK ROSS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ms. ross

      you fuck. dont you ever talk about rozay like that. that is going to be my husband as soon as he see this on tweety. U is a hating as fuck boy. You just mad cause my husband rude the world and you dont. U must at home holding your shit wishing he will croke over, but fuck nigga you is a lie. my husband is going to bounce back and crank up the world. I LOVE HIM AND DONT YOU FORGET THAT SHIT. I am the biggest damn fan he have. i go crazy when i hear his name or music, so fuck what you say.


    watch how popular you get now.your name just blew up x1000.this is only a test of faith use what you know you have to pull you through this chapter of your life.use this to reach others in a way that will change reality as we know it n.o.w. See you soon.


    To all negative people-judjemental with no heaven or hell to put Rick Rozay in i was told of you can’t say something good don’t say anything at all.Don’t kick a man when he’s D.o.w.n. life is to short and full of changes and curves keep living and watch what curve life throws your way.luv u rick i’m prayin for you.

  • Zii

    R.I.G. Rest In Grease Fat Ass

  • ms. ross

    i just want to let my husband know that his wife down here in alabama, that you keep on fighting baby. I LOVE YOU DEARLY. i dont care if you didnt have no money, i will still marry you and we will struggle together forever and forever. you drive me crazy rick rozay ross. i am a big fan of yours in alabama. if i hear your voice i go damn nuts. if i hear your music, i go crazy. i will like to meet my future husband. It will make me so happy. rick ross i hope god heal you from the top of your head to the soul of your feet. keep you covered with his blood. keep the angles over you everyday of your life. i will be praying for youmy husband.

  • RD83 TEJAS


  • Zii

    @ Zii omg ur funny m8 “R.I.G. Rest In Grease Fat Ass” LOL

  • http://xxl BIGED

    ya theres no god, some ignorant asshole created all the planets and animals and everything else. half u assholes cant even talk right never mind debate if there is a god or not. if ur uneducated shut the fuck up and go listen to young money. everybody knows it all. thats why this world is so fucked up. mtv is partly to blame with all the shows on teen pregnancy an shit. you muthafuckers think cuz someone has more cake than their better than you. MONEY DONT MAKE THE MAN…. LEAVE ROSS ALONE, IF HE WANTS TO EAT HIMSELF TO DEATH HE HAS THAT RIGHT GET OFF HIS DICK!!! TRY WISHING HIM WELL INSTEAD OF HATING, FUCK MAN

    • $yk

      Honestly I don’t think anyone is questioning the existence of a supreme being of the universe…

      just some are saying it isn’t that God one goes to church to praise on a Sunday (which is not the 7th, sabbath day) or is the one people pray to for a dollar…

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  • rap_cat

    I guess he shouldn’t have had that 3rd big mac huh

  • http://Hitemup.com GBtha G

    I wish the ex cop- turned G well. He must look after himself just ask Fat Joe how to do it.I just laugh @ thoz muthafuckaz that are already celebratin his death. broke ass niggaz! No he aint dead so y’all suckaz must suck his dik then hang yoselves, jealous real pigs.I represent Hip Hop muthafuckaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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