Rick Ross Returns to Twitter

“#RickRossBack.” That was the first tweet fans have read from Rick Ross since October 14, the same day he suffered two seizures onboard two separate flights to a show in Memphis.

The Bawse took to his Twitter account this afternoon(October 28) to send a message to his followers.

“[S]tronger than Ive been (sic),” he typed. “[R]icher than I ever wuz (sic).”

As previously reported, the Teflon Don lost consciousness immediately after taking off on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis two weeks ago, causing the plane to make an emergency landing. Once he felt better, Rozay boarded a private flight to his destination, and suffered the same fate, landing in Alabama where he was taken to the hospital. Since then he was transported back to his home in Atlanta via DJ Khaled’s tour bus, where he has been recovering.

Ross’s fourth solo album, God Forgives, I Don’t is set to hit stores on December 13. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://XXLMag.com Leroy Love

    Its funny that no one has thought about the possibility that dude might be afraid of flying and had a panic attack. Its obvious that these “siezures” happened both times after the plane took off. Unless his body is extremely sensitive to a change in air pressure, dude fainted from fear.

    • Jeppel

      Yup, that could be possible.
      I have panic attacks and you’ll act just like you have a problem with your body.
      But there’s not, you get them when your stressed out and doing things you dont like.

      The Officer Boss is problably just afraid.
      One love tho, he is a good rapper/ actor hope he gets well.



        I hope thats sarcasm in your post, good should never be in any sentence with Ross.

    • Lilyfoy

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  • jah

    correction, 5th solo album.

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    willys back on the mean internet streets again LOL

  • http://www.xxlmag.com ale

    Dude needs to gek back to salads and marlboro lights instead of tweeting how rich he is. If he has got some balls he will tweet how fat he is or post a twitpic with his fatass on a scale