Odd Future’s  2011 Tour stopped at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, New Jersey last night to enjoy great success. A line three blocks long wrapped around the venue filled with eager fans waiting in anticipation.

When they entered the venue, Hodgy Beats set the tone for the night opening the show by immediately diving into the crowd during his the performance of Mellowhype’s “64,” while losing his mic into the crowd in the process. The mostly teenage  crowd screamed the chorus of Mellowhype’s “Fuck the Police” next.

OF front man Tyler, the Creator kept the crowd in a frenzy, as he performed fan favorite, "Yonkers," followed by “Bitch Suck Dick” and “Radicals.”

The Goblin elicited chants of “Free Earl,” from the crowd, which also erupted when DJ Syd Tha Kid threw on EarlWolf’s “Orange Juice,” as Tyler rapped his partner’s lines.

Mike G and Domo Genesis slowed things down during their performances, giving the crowd a much-needed break and chance to mellow out. The former had the crowd vibing to “Forrest Green” and “Go Mike G,” while the latter kept heads nodding to “SteamRoller” and “Benediction,” a song from his mixtape Under the Influence that uses Mobb Deep’s “Hell on Earth” instrumental.

While set for an 8pm starting time, the Wolf Gang didn’t hit the stage until a little after 9. The restless fans began a “Start the show,” chant. The chanting soon escalated into massive mosh pits and crowd surfing. Some unlucky surfers lost their shoes in the mix.

Fans weren’t the only ones to lose articles of clothing crowd surfing. Overzealous male fans ripped the shirt off of Tyler’s back and began to fight over it, much to his annoyance, even prompting the Wolf Gang leader to momentarily stop his show to verbally abuse those involved.

Overall, the night had each member of the Wolf Gang showcasing their individual talents and giving fans a solid show. —Mike Hennix