Nicki Minaj is having problems with her help. According to TMZ, police visited the Young Money starlet’s Hollywood home yesterday afternoon (October 27) after a dispute occurred between Minaj and one of her maids.

The altercation stemmed from an incident that happened weeks ago when Nicki fired an employee that took photos of her. The Queens rapstress believed that the woman came back on Thursday to confront her, which is when the problems started. Nicki asked her to leave, and when she stood her ground, Minaj’s boyfriend, Safaree “SB” Samuels, got involved and allegedly pushed her. This caused the maid’s boss to call the police and file a battery report.

Meanwhile, sources are telling TMZ that the woman in question is not the same person that Minaj fired, and that Nicki mistakenly confused the two. Nonetheless, the maid eventually decided not to press charges.

As of press time neither Nicki Minaj nor her boyfriend, SB have commented on the incident. —Elan Mancini