Nicki Minaj may be a one of a kind artist, but that isn't stopping her fans from wanting to be her this Halloween.

New York's Daily News reported today (October 25) that the "Super Bass" rapper is one of the most searched Halloween costumes on Google Search this year, right after "Playboy Bunny," "Black Swan" and "Angry Birds," beating out anticipated popular fits like "Charlie Sheen," "Pan Am" and "Captain America."

There aren't any actual Nicki Minaj costumes out there, according to the newspaper, but there are plenty of websites and online video tutorials teaching Nicki stans how to closely emulate her this trick-or-treat season, including how to apply make-up like hers, how to use diapers to plump up derrieres, what wigs to use and even how pull off her animated voices and gestures. and have more tips on transforming into the rapper.—Gina Montana