Lil Wayne Steals J. Cole’s Spot on the Charts

After two, strong weeks as the top-selling rap album on the Billboard Top 200 album charts, J. Cole’s Cole World: The Sideline Story fell to No. 11, making way for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV to take it’s place.

CIV held down the No. 9 spot, bringing in 45,200 in sales over the last seven-days. Over the last seven-weeks Weezy’s latest record has yet to drop out of the Top 10, and its total sales number currently sits at 1,550,700, according to the Nielsen SoundScan.

Cole, on the other hand, pushed out 32,800 units out of the stores in his third week, making his overall tally stand at 304,700.

Jay-Z & Kanye West’s joint LP, Watch the Throne continues its consistence on the charts, staying at No. 13 for a second straight week, with 21,600 units sold. So-far fans have purchased 975,200 CDs.

Just making it onto the Top 40 at the last slot is Eminem and Royce Da 5’9” AKA Bad Meets Evil with their EP, Hell: The Sequel. The Detroit duo pulled in 10,200 units this time around, bringing their tally to 573,500.

Two new rap albums that failed to crak the Top 40 was DJ Drama’s Third Power and Murs and Ski Beatz’s Love And Rockets, Vol. 1: The Transformation. After selling 5,800 discs in its first week, Drama’s newest record grabbed the No. 71 spot. Meanwhile Murs sold 2,100 copies, which wasn’t enough to make the Billboard charts.

Stay tuned to next Wednesday to see if Weezy is able to continue his lead over the competition. —Christopher Minaya

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    game in the top 100…sold 4500 last week with no radio single, no tour yet, no videos..thats what I call a QUALITY ALBUM SELLIN ITSELF..he at 195k..gonna go gold for sure, great ablum..he is gold worldwide..haters comment below..he flopped? yall dont see how hard it is..artist are barely selling 50k total these days

  • Tee

    ^^^Game has had two videos (Red Nation & Pot of Gold), and Pot of Gold is the obvious radio single. Face it, he flopped

  • Mr. 306

    Yeah R.E.D. will go gold in a couple years. Do your math TURTH. There is a tour…known as the R.E.D. Album tour. And no he’s not gold worlwide, thats like saying if you move the 195k to Canada he’s 2x platinum. The ranks are based country to country. Artists ARE barely selling 50k, but artists in his domain are starting to sell again. Wayne, Jay & Kanye, Bad Meets Evil all doing as good as any artist could hope to do, the lowest of which is an EP and has sold 5x more than Game. R.E.D. is one of my favourite albums of the year, a success saleswise? not even close.


    @mr.303 & Tee…check ur eyes 303, i said no tour YET..i also said haters comment below, so you two are on point. the album is not a flop, he will not get dropped, the label making $ and so is is smart, the album didnt cost him much, he does favors and barters with otehr artist..pot of gold andredantion arent in rotation on the radio or video,so eat a dick fellas

  • $yk

    @ Tha Truth

    Bringing up facts does not make you a hater fam…break out of that childish mentality…

    I can agree it was a decent effort by Game, but going gold for sure at 195K? Selling about 5K a week to flip 305K? You do the math…

    unless Game pulls a HIT out his fitted RIGHT NOW, that album is DEAD. Universal is looking at Jeezy…Ross…Drake…new money on deck right NOW…then the year end shuffle and the wait until spring while the label adjusts their books and roster. Only thing that could help Game’s RED sales is DETOX, IF it’s ready by summertime, or like I said, a SUPER HIT while he’s on tour.

    Call it hate if you must.


    @$yk …respect..i c what u saying, but u fellas just seeing the glass half empty and dudes root for failure, which makes them twist shit in their minds..GAME gonna release a 3rd single, probably the joint with drake, he been selling steady 5k a week with ZERO PROMOTION, the album gonna pick up steam,chirstmas time, detox release, tours..the boy gonna go GOLD EASY.. im just saying,he doing better than95% of rappers

  • Hollygrove1003

    Weezy just cant be stopped. He’s the face of hiphop, the best in the game, the most well known, he’ll shit on anyone who trys to step in his way.