Kid Ink Drops New Mixtape, Wheels Up [Download Now]

Proving that he’s not planning on slowing down any time soon, Cali-bred rhymer Kid Ink lifts off with his Wheels Up mixtape. Released just three months after his last project, Daydreamer, this latest offering features Nipsey Hussle, Travis Porter, Tyga, 2 Chainz and more, and includes production from the likes of Cardiak and Megaman. Presented by Tha Alumni Music Group, download Kid Ink’s Wheels Up here.

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  • Max

    Luv It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarge

    DOPE AF!!!!!

  • Eddy

    Best Mixtape 0f 2011!!!

  • Nick B

    Kid Ink!!! wheels up im fuckin with this man daydreamer and Wheels up best mixtapes Every song he makes is a hit!!!!

  • kyle

    this mixtape is FIRE

  • Chad

    straight fire! kid ink in my top 5, never disappoints

  • steven gentile

    freshman of the year.

  • Mexes91

    Dope like usual… never disappointed with Ink

  • daniel

    good shit

  • chris pate

    Kid ink! EGGGH!!

  • J Day

    I fux with this. 3 weeks waiting and it was sooo worth it. **Tha Alumni***

  • Johnathon Baker

    i patiently waited for this… now im so anxious to play the next song cause shits FIRE* WHEELS UP!!!! allll dayyyyyyyyyy errrrrrrrrrrr’ dayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  • Jim T


  • Isaac

    EghhH !

  • Devin Vega

    TopGunEnt Listens to Kid INk all day every day.. congrats to Kid Ink and Dj Ill WIll (Tha Alumni ) holds it down for the West Side…. Kid INk has taken over the underground rap game n now is known in the mainstream.. honored that i got to book his 1st show in AZ! _DVeg TopGunEnt



  • Riza Aziri


  • Cali

    Eghhh Wheels Up Is Finally Here.
    Kid Ink is DOPE. I fuckx with the music heavy, about to blow swisshers & have this mixtape on LOUD.
    @CalizKushSeason #TeamKidInk

  • El Chiefa

    Extra dope mixtape kid ink next up to bat keep knockin it out of the park.

  • Alex Lecklitner

    Kid Ink be on his grind man!!!!! I’ve been listening to the dude over the years and seein him come up in the game has been great to see. He got real potential and every mixtape gets better and better!!! Got more Kid Ink on my library than any other artist. He deserves the fame, the money, everything!!! Ill Will did good investing his time into Ink. Alumni!!!

  • Jerry

    I was there when Roll Up Dropped and damn im still here for a fuckin reason. Kid Ink will make ya lose ya jaw every mixtape. Eghh!

  • aj

    yo dis is the shit! like a g fav so far

  • KiD iNk

    Eghhh!!! this mixtape is mofuckin crazy….KiD iNk and tha alumni goin’ real hard…..shout out to em

  • MS

    Kid Ink is a fuggin beast, production, lyrics, and everthing else is crazy! Wheels UP!!!!!

  • Tushabe ivan

    We fuckin with n thing dat goz by kid ink n dj ill will.juu heard.can’t fuk with him.eghhhhh

  • Jake Learned

    He shows about who he is and what he wants for the first time. Uses persistent rhyme schemes with the punchlines and makes them work, which is rare in this game today. Alumni we the A-Team. EGHH!

  • Sean

    Kid Ink killed it again

  • Danny

    I fuhx with this ;DD

  • Adrian

    U already know im fuckin wit it !

  • EgggghhhH!

    I said it’s KiD iNk babyyyyyyyyyyy! EgggghhhhH!

  • Ray Lewis

    This shit goes!

  • Sanchez

    This shit slaps! Kid ink always come thru wit some fire,straight thc to the brain mother Fu**ing feeling.

  • Jeremy


  • Colby L


  • younq serq


  • travis

    kid ink is that dude ….

  • kasey

    shit is dope as always!

  • zay

    i dont know put u but this what i do

  • CJ


  • Adolfo

    Kid ink is a beast!! Always goes hard with his music.

  • j jay

    bitch im raw. tunna roll-Kid Ink

  • ilhui

    Too amazing, Eghhhhh!!

  • patty


  • Kayvon


  • JWhite Eghhhhh!

    Kid Ink > Every rapper in the game

  • michael

    wheels up is great, every single song kid ink puts out is great and an instant hit. wheels up is definitely going to be playing in my dorm room all day

  • Anthony R

    Best Album Of Tha Year ! !

  • Kelsie

    tight AF!! Kid Ink needs to be in the 2012 freshmen!!!

  • Bryan

    Kid ink makes nothing but fire songs Wheels Up is fresh

  • Mary*JaNe

    KiD iNk * Basically the shit! <3 Alumni Records! See ya in Denver Saturday! =]

  • Tajj

    Slaps too hard if Kid Ink dosent win Freshmen of the year i will never buy a copy of XXL again

  • Alec Heilimo

    best shit ive heard all year man, im proud of u ink, u changed my life dog, nothing id rather do than spend a day with u homie!

  • Alec Heilimo

    best shit ive heard all year man, im proud of u ink, u changed my life dog, nothing id rather do than spend a day with u homie! no homo

  • Austin Grew

    Kid Ink Baby EGHH!!!

  • Andre

    Dis shizz still blowin my mind

  • Fezz

    This is epic stuff! get on it!! EEEGGH!

  • Mr_ImSoRatedd

    I said its KiD iNk babyyyyy #AlumniArmy in this Bitch #WheelsUp

  • kID iNK fAN


  • ismael

    Fucken Badass Mixtape !

  • DJ Memoire

    Kid Ink is never a letdown. Eghh!!!

  • http://facebook martel davis

    keep it L.A My nigga.Untouchable to the fullest!!!!$$

  • nadia

    You know what it is…Kid Ink Baby!

  • prince

    twitter @princebsm

  • BOMZ

    Adorin Kid Ink right now mixtape is BIG!

  • Aspizzle

    Kid ink is the hook master i swear