Jim Jones Involved in “Botched Robbery” in Harlem

After rumors hit the net that Jim Jones was jumped by his former manager, Yandi Smith’s boyfriend on Monday (October 24), the Dipset member hit up Miss Info to tell his side of the story.

Jimmy described the physical altercation as a “botched robbery,” and said he was alone in Harlem when three men stepped to him.

“The first guy, I beat the shit out of him, then the second guy jumped in with a metal pipe,” Jim explained. “I was so amped up I didn’t even feel him hitting me with it. I was still putting a beating on the first guy, but when the third guy pulled out a gun, I got out of there. I left. Anyone with a brain would do the same.”

Jones pegged the robbery to the fact that he was wearing jewelry while alone in his old neighborhood, adding that it was “a stupid mistake” to do so and vowed that “it won’t happen again.”

Jim said he returned to the studio right after the scuffle to work on his mixtape and that the above photo was taken just minutes after the incident. He also dismissed all rumors that the fight had anything to do with another beef.—Mariel Concepcion

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    yeah right..lies…this guy hollywood..nothing hood bout him…

    • Stack B

      Jim Jones is a fraud because he left without getting shot? His boy Stack Bundles died from the same situation. He didn’t leave. Jim Jones got another chance at life.

  • snick187

    we dont believe you, you need more people

  • black jesus

    i believe you jimmy.


  • Max B

    Fake like silicone Jim Jones is shook to death to get into any kind of physical situation #Fact Free Max B

  • anonymous

    Max B you funny as hell.

  • Smoov

    All of Jim’s relationships end bad. Max B, Cam Jha Jha, Stack, Bruno, and Yandy. He needs to leave Chrissy ALONE.

  • cece

    Yandy….OMG dey did her so wrong he does not deserve her there is no LOYALTY. Chrissy started the wedge and as you saw tonight she ended it, Gud luck with chrissy being your manager….you just lost one

  • The Beast of the East

    Bullshit – Yandi is a messy bitch. She brought Kimbella to Emily with mess. Then she brought the little model girl to Kimbella. She is not a peacemaker at all, more like a shit starter. Yea Chrissy was suppose to whoop that ass. If you dont check shit -it gets out of control. Chrissy is really cool she just keeps the hoes in check!!!
    Oh and Jim and chrissy do ya thing!!! Fuck Yandi!!!!

  • rocgirl100

    It’s crazy how bitches act when u throw dick in the situation my way its not yandi or chrissy’s fault they reacted off of jims behavior and for that both women need to check they self for that! really or yall both just share and shut up! but fucking up business not good! chrissy you love ride then from 1 women to the next it does’nt last long and the best times are greater than before bitches want u to bug ya man what u dont know? so they could convince them how good it could be with them and yes most of the time you have to remind him so here’s to love hope you have it all dispite who ever disagrees