DJ Premier Shut Down Justin Bieber at BET Cypher

Justin Bieber was interested in doing the cypher at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards but DJ Premier shut him down.

During his Live From the HQ radio show on Sirius/XM Premier had this to say on the matter, “Justin Bieber even asked if he could do the cypher, and everybody was worried that that might mess up the integrity of BET. And, I was like, ‘Yo, as long as he got a dope rhyme, let him spit.’ But then we heard, ‘Oh, he wants Luda to write his rhyme.’ I was like, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, no.’ If you ain’t writing your own rhyme, you can’t do it. Justin you gotta take a back seat. Write your own rhymes honey. You gotta call him honey on that one.”

During the summer, in the July/August 2011 issueXXL asked Bieber if he sees himself ever seriously trying to rap, he replied, “Not really. I just do it for fun, but nothing serious. I don’t think people would take me seriously if I came out with, like, a rap album.”

No hard feelings. —Christopher Minaya

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  • yaSire

    GoTDaYum Tht DJ Saved Tht Day.. lol!!

  • aaron

    Steven Hill and the powers that be have lost touch of the culture of Hip Hop…..for them to even consider this is not hip hop…..Kool Herc did not make this music for it to be exploited to make some lily-white kid seem cool….Dj.Premier you would have died with Hip Hop if you would have been down with this……They had to beg Rakim to do the song with Jody Watley back in the day!…she was hip hop!..Please protect the music and culture before it is like Jazz!

  • minusthecynic

    he did make a rap album shorty mane
    he must of forgot
    anybody can rap even if it was basic
    at least its better than using someone elses rhymes
    i think worse than that though
    is using a ghost and keeping it on the down low
    i always thought of him more as a singer than a rapper
    he just sings fast thats not the same as rapping
    luda is a good rapper he injects humor in his raps so u can see why justin would wanna use him
    he put heat into their collaboration
    i think the key is that b e t stands for black entertainment television if they were featuring beiber they would have to change the name

    • Murda Dogg

      Why would they have to change the name? Eminem is not black and he was in the cypher, not comparing them at all eminem is on of the g.o.a.t.’s, but just cuz bieber’s not black doesn’t mean shit, he just sucks period.

  • DV

    “and everybody was worried that that might mess up the integrity of BET”

    Oh yeah that would have done it

  • A4BBx

    Justin is talented at pretty much everything he does! If he really wanted to, he would be able to spit a great rap, being white or Canadian has nothing to do with it, he’d DEF be able to do it!