Young Jeezy Releases TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition Tracklist

Although rumors surfaced over the weekend that Young Jeezy’s oft-delayed TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition album was pushed back again — and this time indefinitely — Jeezy released a hand-written tracklist via his Twitter to hold his fans down in the meantime.

“TRACCLISTING THATS ALL! I MAKE IT ROUGH ON THESE NIGGAS,” he tweeted along with the below photo of the tracklist attached. “SIDEBAR TWITTER GANGSTA GO TO TWITTA JAIL. ITS THE WORLD!” The 15-song list includes songs like “Talk 2 Me,” “Trump,” “I Do,” “This One’s For You” and “Change Yo Life,” among others. It appears the single “Shake Life,” which was released early summer, will not be on the set.

Check out the photo below:


Check back with as this story develops. — Gina Montana

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  • ra

    drop the shit already!!!…enough of jeezy and dr dre…niggaz better lower their swag,hip hop will move on without both of em!!!

  • black jesus

    who needs an official def jam announcement when you can get a handwritten track listing? thanks for proving rozay wrong jizzle (no homo)!

  • 2883Joker

    Jeezy made 1 BIG mistake from the start by signing with Def Jam. Def Jam is a New York based record label who doesnt understand Southern artists. So of course they are gonna push back Jeezy’s album. 2 Jeezy dissed Def Jam’s current cash cow. So at the risk that Jeezy might sneak a diss in there somewhere towards Rozay. They gonna keep pushing that shit back. BEST thang Jeezy can do is cancel his contract with Def Jam. Go to Koch get that independant money. & actually release an album that will be all his. Instead of dictated tracks that are only good for radio play.

    • CARTEL

      I agree he should leave Def Jam but not because it’s here in NY…The only artists Def Jam market with success is southern niggaz…It’s only THREE dudes reppin for NY right now on Def Jam, and that’s Nas, Jada and Fab (Jay Z left the label). And besides Nas (who barely gets the support), they dnt give the same major push they give Luda, Jeezy and Rick Ross…the other dudes that rep NY are Method Man, Ghostface and Redman (New Jersey), and Def Jam don’t support them AT ALL!!!…So, it being here in NY ain’t got much to do with it…Here’s where the problem is, Def Jam was ran by L.A. Reid, which meant Jay Z had to answer to him. And L.A. Reid is responsible for Outkast, Goodie MOB, T.I. getting their start in the game and they ALL became big acts…In other words Def Jam basically turned into a southern label based in NY. When L.A. Reid took over, they signed Ross, Jeezy and gave Luda a label deal for $11 mil (Luda was already there when L.A. Reid got there)…L.A. was taking care of the southern dudes. They hired Jay Z to keep the NY niggaz happy, plus L.A. started to focus more on r&b and pop music, so Jay was hired to focus on the hip hop…They also brought Jermaine Dupri in to be Vice President of Island records, which is really DEF JAM!!!…So, Def Jam was being ran mainly by southern execs…Kanye is the only dude not from NY or the South selling records over there…Jeezy should leave Def Jam simply because, L.A. Reid left, Jay left, Jermaine Dupri was fired and the dude Shakir killed himself. All the major execs Def Jam had left the label one way or another. So, with new people in charge, the label is in shambles right now…Koch would be a good spot, like u said because he can get a distribution deal there…But he did that with the USDA album and it didn’t get the success it should have…But independent is the best route for Jeezy…And I’m a NY nigga saying this…ALL record companies are becoming obsolete, slowly but surely…

      • CARTEL

        Oh yeah, and Juelz Santana is on Def Jam but his album is basically in the same lane as Detox right now…His album was suppose to drop years ago!!!…smh

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    the push back might be a good thing for em in the long run according to that xxl poll it was like 50 percent really want it 40 could care less and 10 percent were drake stans. i think he’s gotta get more of a positive buzz going put out some more successful singles and go back in the studio take it back to his roots a little more or start showin more growth as a artist make people actually want the album. I’m in different towards it i’ll check it out whenever it comes out but i’m skeptical

  • ff1one

    it has nothing to do with jeezy being on Def Jam. The music buisness is on a decline. However, in this matter, jeezy being blackballed. Tell me “loose my mind” don’t bang. That joint still gets spin and was a top ten single when it was released. Rozay on def jam. Ace hood on def jam. Jeezy speakin out on Rozay was his mistake. Jeezy is also doing this album for his fans. Jeezy was on another lane with his last joint. Dude coulda became more pop but took a step back for his fans. And he fighting for it.

  • Young Jeezy fan 4 life

    This is some bullshit really! these Young Jeezy mixtapes keep on coming but that album is going nowhere. People saying its label problems must be true, cause the songs he drops are just what they should be, really dope :O

    People here in the comment section talk about Rick Ross. Rick Ross really aint much, the only good thing he did in 2010 was Pledge Allegience To The Swag with T.I. and that Teflon Don album aint slammin IMO

  • Jcuzzin

    that nigga Ross and them funny as hell…..everybody callin him fake and he know it’s true…….ice-t…….kreyshawn…….freeway Ricky ross…….the Anastasia family……the real Teflon don grandkids…..Larry Hoover people……why we ain’t heard no stories on jeezy…….cause it ain’t none pussies……

  • Scar45 CTE

    idk y big homie pushin d ablum back bt it is wat it is d streets still waitin n still wanta here it bt d mixtapes killin it the streets i fucks ross and mmg bt when it cums 2 dat trap r die shit its cte world d earth is our turf they need 2 squash dat shit and let it b make money and good music n we all they both cn do dat shid get jizzle and rozay on a track 2gether d club going ham security bet not get in d way