Wale Enlists Ne-Yo, Lloyd, & Miguel for R&B-Heavy Sophomore Album

Wale is gearing up to release his Warner Bros. debut album, and a sneak listening with XXL proved that he’s not the only one with Ambition.

On the project, which will be Wale’s first retail and second solo (he dropped The Eleven One Eleven Theory mixtape in August) since joining Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group is mainly a solo showcase of the D.C. spitter’s skills. Still, there are a handful of features that appear on the former XXL Freshman’s sophomore effort.

The title track, “Ambition,” features MMG cohorts and fellow October 2011 XXL coverboys Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Beyond that, though, the guest spots are mainly reserved for R&B crooners who only provide hooks, allowing Wale to stand alone on his verses. There are melodies from Miguel (“Lotus Flower Bomb”), Lloyd (“Sabotage”), and Ne-Yo (“White Linen [Coolin]”). As previously reported, Kid Cudi is also on the album, as well, providing the hook for “Focused.”

Wale’s Ambition is set to hit stores November 1. Stay tuned for the full review in XXL‘s forthcoming November issue. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Sha

    I don’t know…. Wale’s flow is kinda dull to me. I hope he moves units but let’s face it. He’s the handicapped one in Maybach. At least Ross is smart enough to try to hide his bland flow amongst some R&B hooks……

    • Matt

      Wale is my favorite in Maybach. His flow is energetic, smart, and exiting. As for him being handicapped? “Like a parapalege, he don’t know defeat! Or never felt it…” So I must agree with Michael. Idiot.

    • Hannya

      Saying Wale is handicapped is one of the dumbest things i have ever heard. Whatever.

  • Michael

    You sir are an idiot……Wale has one of the best flows in the game right now….

  • Sha


    Time will tell folks. Time will tell. But there’s a reason his album sold “brick” on Interscope. There’s also a reason his only true hit was with a co-star called Lady Gaga. Some people do it. Some people can’t. That’s just a fact of the music business. While he might be lyrical, his flow is still average at best. We’ll see if he can even move 100k out the gate (which he couldn’t do with the other label)…..

    And calling me an idiot? Debate people, debate. Stop showing your emotions. Debate the facts without name calling like you’re in grade school. If he’s all that, debate it. If you can’t debate it you should probably just shut up. One!

  • El

    Lets face it, the moment Wale signed to Maybach Music he started making shit music. Also, they mention that there are all these R&B artists featured on this upcoming album. Let us not forget the ever present Rick Ross, I’m fairly sure he will be featured on the majority of the tracks, if not all of them. This is a prime example of why the most of the Hip Hop/Rap that is made these days is shit. Take a great artist and turn him into a mediocre one.

    • G

      It true Wale’s music has changed since signing with MMG. But his popularity has grow immensely. When he made soulful music in the past nobody listened and nobody bought his album. So right now he’s just making what people wanna hear so they will buy Ambition, where he can showcase his true flow.

  • Rain

    Ross will not be on all the tracks. Stop trying to throw Wale under the bus. The people who hate Wale love to comment on his shit! Go listen to your favorite rapper or something

  • plane

    evolution people thats all it is folarin is evolving with time and he’s only getting doper his social commentary is very much still entact if people would stop looking at who he signed to and just hone in on the music such as varsity blues, chain music, samples n shit, or even the by any means jawn dude is still a lyrical prowess and he know his lane amongst his team and yeah im a fan and have been one since his studio 43 days and nah everybody not gone like everything but give duke his credit he putting in some wrk and ross is building a solid machine fuck tha shit thats not music related cause we all got blemishes in life let tha music speak

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