T.I. Sent Back to Prison Because of Manager Not Tour Bus, Officials Say

T.I. was sent back to a federal prison last week, not because of his decision to take an extravagant tour bus from Arkansas to Atlanta, but because the Bureau of Prisons objected to the passengers he took the journey with.

According to CNN, prison officials were upset with the fact that his manager and a reality TV producer joined Tip on the ride.

“Such people were not authorized to travel with him in the conditions of his furlough,” a Bureau of Prisons report obtained reads. “He further indicated he was discussing a new reality series and a book with those individuals.”

This resulted in the Grand Hustle general getting removed from the halfway house, where he was set to serve 30 days, the remainder of his 11-month sentence for a probation violation, stemming from his 2009 federal gun conviction. Now he will most likely be forced to sit in the U.S. Penitentiary in Atlanta until his September 29 release date.

As of press time it is unknown when the BOP will decide if he can be released earlier.

Brian Sher, Tip’s manager wrote a letter to the BOP explaining that he didn’t realize his appearance on the bus would cause a problem.

“It was clear to me that Mr. Harris believed that I was permitted to be with him on the trip back to Atlanta because I had been authorized to visit him and have contact with during his time in Forrest City,” Sher said. “During my time with him on the ride back to Atlanta, no business was conducted with Mr. Harris.”

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as this story develops. —Elan Mancini

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  • that nigga

    Thats a fuckin bunch a bullshit. Your tellin me that T.I. wasn’t supposed to be conducting business? A Half-Way House is for the reason of being able to leave and comeback at certain times so you can go look for work and conduct daily business preparing you for life back in society. These motherfuckers kill me, I swear!!

    • $yk

      great comment…a good piece of info for those who don’t know…most people are calling him stupid and clowning on his wife…it has gone from the tour bus, to who was on the tour bus…

      should of just let him ride out the 30 days where he was at

  • Sean Izzle

    Listening to Trap Muzik right now as I read this :/

    get well T.I.

    Get out and back to the Trap, make that new music for us, your people and real fans. U told us last time u back to square one, Trap Muzik style, now give us just that

  • mutada mullah atari

    I still have little to no sympathy for him, he has been treated like a blond haired blue eyed house wife by the legal system up to this time, no shots at white people, but damn man I would be under the jail had I been caught with all of those guns, he better do that 30 days with a smile and shut the fuck up. At least he WILL get out.

    • SG

      I’m with you! My brother just spent 3 1/2 years in federal prison on some piddly gun stuff. He wasn’t even caught with the guns either…just the word of some crackhead. Give T.I. 3 1/2 years too! He affects more people than my brother did. (btw my brother is white)

  • matty21

    this is some fuckin bullshit… like tiny said “they trying 2 break him – but aint gonna happen” … and anyway this is just gonna make for sum sickER music, and even more passion that was already re-ignited…this is gonna light even more fire, he probably pissed; vent dat shit as an artist does tip!

    n i liked what, i think it was Green Lantern said on twitter: @DjGreenLantern: “@UncleRUSH: waste of our of taxpayer dollars to send TI back to prison. Martha Stewart went home on a private plane. #FreeTI”

    Da King Back… soon – fuck any1 hatin… or any1 without any compassion or care 4 da situation… him goin away 2 prison n leavin his family for 2years now, n all he’s been and PERSAVIERED through… ya’ll lack of compassion n talk aint in da thought process

  • Young_ATL_4Eva

    maneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wtf the feds got goin on here, leave the man alone SHIT!!!!!!!!!

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  • SG

    Ha! bout time self centered, egotistic, ‘think they can do what they wanna do’ a*holes get what they deserve…here’s to sending more no good criminals and criminal wannabes to jail. If ya got it good, then freaking behave! Ain’t nothing better bout him than anyone else out here on these streets. No more guns and gun violence–Sick of innocents getting shot & killed bc pple like him think it’s cool to carry guns and make it cool to those who hero worship his scummy behind and listen to scummy music about shooting people up. Get a clue!