T.I. Back in Federal Prison After Tour Bus Mishap

T.I. is back behind bars just one day after leaving Forrest City Federal Prison in Arkansas. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Web site, the rap superstar is currently being held in the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta while the bureau determines where he will spend the final 30 days of his 11-month sentence for violating his probation in a 2009 gun conviction.

As previously reported, federal officials objected to the means in which T.I. was transported from Forrest City on Wednesday to a halfway house in the ATL. TMZ reports the Grand Hustle general reportedly took a luxury tour bus for the 375-mile trek, accompanied by a four-car motorcade.

Law enforcement officials told the gossip site that while inmates are allowed to take private, unescorted vehicles to a community living facility, they were never informed by T.I.’s people to the extent of which the rapper would be transported. Instead, Tip said that he would be simply taking a van.

T.I.’s attorney, Steve Sadow, said TMZ’s report that his client misled law enforcement of his means of travel is untrue.

“The story on TMZ about what the Federal Bureau of Prisons was told regarding T.I.’s method of transportation is nothing more than speculation,” he told XXLMag.com. “Since I have no specifics about what was asked or said, I am not yet in a position to comment except to say that we are confident there was never any intent or reason to mislead or misstate the method of transportation. T.I. got on the bus in full view of BOP employees. If there was some confusion or misunderstanding surrounding the method of transportation, we hope to clear it up quickly so T.I. can return to the halfway house.”

While there was no drugs or alcohol found on the bus, Tip did immediately begin filming his new reality show for VH1 on board. The 10-episode series will chronicle his journey home from prison, reuniting with his loved ones and re-entering society.

VH1 declined to comment when reached by XXL.

Stay tuned to XXLmag.com as the story develops. —Elan Mancini

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  • Los Angeles Angelz

    Big Dummy.

  • Sha

    Ummm….. How many superstars take tour buses from prison to a half-way house when getting out of prison. Damn! T.I. stay losing. To me, dude has no common sense whatsoever. Starting with his questionable choice for a wife, to his first charge for doing dumb ish, to his second charge for preaching sobriety to young kids and then turning around and getting caught smurfed up with that so-called “excellent” choice of a wife.

    I hate to say it but T.I. is the new Nas. Smart as hell lyrically. But dumb as f*ck in reality.

    • anutha_level

      lol. too true about that common sense ish…

    • $yk

      “Attorney General Eric Holder should immediately investigate this unjustified and repressive matter. Don’t forget that when Martha Stewart completed her jail time, she was transported in a luxury vehicle to her private jet plane which she had a complete right to do. Why were different standards applied to T.I.?”


      and what does Nas have to do with TI? Nas ain’t been in jail like TI. And so what Nas made questionable decisions in his life? Haven’t YOU done the same, made questionable decisions in your life? A shot at TI’s wife? C’mon son, you’re gossiping right now.

      Son was on his way to the halfway house for 30 days. It don’t matter WHAT he was riding in, he was going to the halfway house, it’s still JAIL. This ain’t like the Maybach mishap, this is some “kick a n!gga while he’s down”, “don’t forget we’re watching you” move…there’s PLENTY of celebs and people rich or poor who got/get picked up in lavish vehicles. Why y’all ain’t talking about them? Because it ain’t PUBLISHED.

      “Law enforcement officials told the gossip site that while inmates are allowed to take private, unescorted vehicles to a community living facility, they were never informed by T.I.’s people to the extent of which the rapper would be transported.”

      ^ I bet he ain’t know what he was getting picked up in, like most people getting out. You REALLY think he knew? Wasn’t there press snafu about his release date?

      But I’ma let y’all tell it like he set this whole thing up so he can spend more time in jail for promotion.

      • $yk


        if Tiny’s part of the wrath, then tinypic and link a pic of your woman and up her resume. And remember I don’t have to show and prove, because I never said anything about her…if Tiny’s the questionable choice, show the world your decision…

        • Sha

          Ummmm….. First off, I doubt this is $yk….. Where’s your hyperlink? Secondly, I pay attention to writer’s styles. This doesn’t seem like his style. Whoever you are….. Try again.

  • tileverysingletittyjiggleharder

    Im pretty sure T.I. is unintelligent in both his life choices and lyrically.

  • http://xxlmag.com yogi22

    I fucks with T.I. but he stay doin clown ass shit

  • boss

    why does that even matter, they have nothing to do but to trip about TIP being driven in a tour bus rather than a van…

  • clint

    Dude is overhyped i never heard him say shit clever and his dumbass cant stay out of jail. fuck him

  • adezzel

    As always u judge a man by hearsay or naysay but have YOU AMERICA or any other race in that manner been able to accomplish (HALF THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS) this man has done.Yes he made bad decisions Yes he’s entitle to making a mistake hes a man but truthfully once its all said and done theres only 1 man WHO can judge him ALMIGHTY GOD.So save your comments and pleads until its your time to stand before the man and you to be judge. GOOD LUCK

    • Calhoun

      Hearsay you say! Come on man. This boy is very much lacking the intelligence, and decision making ability to a productive citizen in America. Like I said before, I never like the fella. He does one dumb ass thing after another. When Ifirst heard of this dummy, he had just got out of prison and has been back pretty much every other year since then.



  • marlon

    ti hold your head we love you homie from ga.

  • Sean Izzle

    Welcome Back To The Trap – literally

  • BIG ED


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  • Nainodarlena

    must check , just clicks away , just clicks away