Over the last year, hip-hop has seen its share of collaborations between solo MCs, like Jay-Z and Kanye West, Eminem and Royce Da 5’9” and Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame. Now, two of New York’s most respected rap crews, Wu-Tang Clan and The Lox, have decided to merge for a joint group album called Wu-Block, anchored by Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch.

The two groups tell XXLMag.com they have locking in on the project for some time now.
“Me and Ghost doing this Wu-Block album,” Sheek told XXL. “It’s focused on me and Ghost but we got everybody on that muthafucka. Styles, Jada; we got everybody from RZA, to Rae to Meth, to my team.”
“Sheek and Ghost are spearheading that joint,” Styles added. “Everybody is playing their part. I’m having fun on this one. I’m just a soldier riding out on this one. We got a few joints [so far] and they knocking.
“It’s wonderful,” Styles continued. “As a MC, it’s like ‘I’m fucking working with this nigga? This nigga is somebody I listened to in my headphones while I was making my music, and recited his verses. This is a fellow MC. Even if you ain’t with somebody in your crew, as a MC, you share the love of words, the love of word play and the art of MCing. It’s always a pleasure to work with a Ghostface or Raekown. Those are two people I played. Those are people that I can say as a music head, those are two people I go to when I need to hear something.”
Sheek and Ghost got together in late 2010 while on the road promoting their respective LPs, Donnie G: Don Gorilla and Apollo Kids for Def Jam. “We did a tour together, me and Ghost,” Sheek explained. “After that, we decided to come back [and make an album]. Ghost tours a lot, so it was me saying ‘Come back, we’ll record.’ I would say we’ve been going strong for four months. We actually want it to come out in February. Its hip-hop for real. Me and him got the chicks too, but [the album is] real hip-hop. We trying to get 17 [tracks] done, but monsters. This shit is monstrous. It’s on and poppin’.” —Shaheem Reid