Snoop Dogg has two big acting roles coming to both the big screen and the small screen.

According to, the Dogggfather was tapped to portray notorious San Fransisco pimp, Fillmore Slim, in a forthcoming biopic, The Legend of Fillmore Slim, and has recently signed on to star in a new, untitled family sitcom.

Slim, who is most known for being documented in the Hughues Brothers's 1999 film, American Pimp, will have his life chronicled in the flick, from his days on the streets, to his time spent behind bars, to his career as a blues musician.

It will be directed by Hawthorne James, an actor/director who worked with Snoop before on the rapper’s Malice N Wonderland and Boss’n Up DVDs.

For his television project, Snoop partnered with Don Reo—a veteran sitcom producer whose resume includes Two and A Half Men, Everybody Hates Chris and My Wife and Kids. The series will center on a family with the West Coast MC playing the father. As of press time there is no details on when the show will begin shooting or for what network.

Meanwhile, The Legend of Fillmore Slim, will go into pre-production in December and begin filming next March. —Elan Mancini