Ray J & Fabolous Involved in Fight in Las Vegas [Audio]

Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz weren’t the only ones that exchanged blows over the weekend. Ray J and Fabolous reportedly got into an altercation following the high profile boxing bout at an after party at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday morning (September 18).

While Fabolous has yet to detail his account of the incident, an angry Ray J called into New York radio station Power 105.1 FM this morning, and told his side of the story to The Breakfast Club hosts, Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy.

“Niggas saying Ray J got beat up,” he said, during a nine-minute tirade. “I socked that nigga in the face. “

Apparently, the situation stemmed from a series of tweets that Fab posted on his Twitter account poking fun at the singer’s appearance on the HBO show, 24/7, building up to Saturday’s night’s Mayweather/Ortiz fight.

“Don’t disrespect me and Floyd like that,” Ray J said, explaining why Fab’s tweets angered him. “I play piano in [his crib] every day. That’s my big bro, we grew up together. So if you think I just came over there and played a song you got it muthafuckin’ twisted. I’m always over there.”

Ray J claims he confronted  the Brooklyn rapper when he saw him at the after-party. “When I seen [Fabolous] I was with Floyd and 50 [Cent] and [Fab] tried to say ‘Don’t touch me’ and I touched that nigga,” he boasted. “Straight up, I’m not playin’ with him.” Ray J alleges that Fab never returned any blows, but varying comments on Twitter tell a different story.

Meanwhile, the clash resulted in the crooner getting escorted from the party in handcuffs, but it is uncertain if he was charged with any crime.

As of press time, the Def Jam star has yet to return XXL’s requests for comment.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as the story develops. —Elan Mancini

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  • Tha Truth

    Ok so he had a ” my 44 make sho all yo kids don’t grow” moment. lol

    Seriously, Rolls Royce’s, Bentleys, and a 20,000 sq. ft. home does NOT make you a G! That whole rant was pure ignorance. Please SATCHO sawed off azz down Ray. You aint nothing but Kim K’s come up!

  • HoLoGraM

    try doin it again without 50 and floyd by ur side

    • JugularKill

      I get that but.

      Ray-J is trying to say “Do you know who the fuck I am?”

      As he isn’t all over the media, he isn’t in demand like Trey Songs or Usher.

      But his networth is about the same as Fabs (20+ mil).

      Fab is apparently “gangster” (so he claims) and he’s like 4-5 inches taller.

      Ray-J is an RNB singer, we expect him to be soft modafuckers….so soft we can poke fun at and they won’t do shit.

      Haaaaaaa haaaa! He got what he deserved.

      There’s one thing I learnt about Fab over the years, he don’t have connection. He has no real network.

      • $yk

        “There’s one thing I learnt about Fab over the years, he don’t have connection. He has no real network.”

        ^ smh

        Just say you don’t know much about him and keep it pushing.

        NYC cats ain’t even leaving bread crumb trails…some of these comments might be the rap police trying to get info…

        • oskamadison

          What up, $yk…

          Sign of the apocalypse…Ray J is the second coming of Pac.

  • RayJTKOd

    RayJ wanted to play thug, and got put in his place (somewhere on the ground). To add insult to injury, after regaining consciousness, he gets thrown in the back of a police car while 50 cent, Mayweather, and Fab are laughing and pointing at this dude for not even recognizing that the joke is on him.

    Then RayJ goes on the air, snitches on himself to law enforcement regarding his involvement in an assault, and then makes a public threat to his.. umm “victim” (lol), that he’s coming back after him to “finish the job”, which will most likely end up in RayJ being layed out on the ground or hauled away in handcuffs again.

  • Randy Blood

    This dude pussy, he aint got shit on his own. He say the “We” got 7 rolls royce’s outside. He sound like he riding Mayweathers
    dick. Come on Fabolouse, dont be scared of Ray-J. I mean its Ray-J, hes not a gangster, he talkin about all this money, prolly spending Brandy’s “Moesha” money. Only reason he talking so much shit is cause he’s around mayweather, the “Money Squad”. I kinda wanna punch him just for hearing his stupid ass rant. Im not a Fabolous fan either, but if i was fab. and heard all this shit talking, i would show’em that im still “Keepin It Gangsta”

  • Los Angeles Angelz

    RJ is a clown. What time does the circus start?

  • mutada mullah atari

    You niggaz is bitches, fagulous has been a bird since the start, that Nigga, been suspect. And been doing love songs, and had a hit since the summer of 2003. Ray-j ain’t no gangster but he runs with and has association with suge and plenty of other folks, fab don’t want that, that Nigga been soft


      You said he has associations with Suge but he’s been getting lumped up too lately.

      Just because you hang with tough people doesn’t make you tough.I’m not goin in on you but it is what it is.

    • $yk

      Mutada that’s not an accurate assessment of Fab…not at all fam…

      • anutha_level

        ^^ absolutely correct.

      • mutada mullah atari

        The boy can rap, clearly his metaphors are above average. And ill give him a nod for that throw it in the bag, that got burn on power 106, but fab never was about that, and was nothing more than a clever mase replacement as far as the love songs. All I’m saying is let’s not discount ray-j because fab has a few above average punch lines, dude runs with folks out here, and his 115 pound ass can get fucked up.

    • BklynsFinest

      Muttada stop riding Gay-J balls. Suge done got knocked out 2 – 3 times in recent years. Check ya facts about Fab my Man. Lo Lifes and the Commission been getting it in before hip hop my dude.

    • St Claude Ave.

      So….you believe Ray J is a G then? DUMBASS

  • jokester

    Ray J is talking mass shit for no reason he sound like a pussy sorry to say. He just kept saying ” WE GOT” and “MY GOONS” like hes playing thug over here. Because if you was a real thug you would never have to say your “big homie” you would be the big homie… man i feel like if this was a real thug he would have not called the damn radio show POIN BLACK PERIOD!

  • Pozz

    HAHA this is hilarious!
    What rayj do run up on Fab and was like “Nigga is you stupid you gone tweet me nigga? I got 50 rolls royces outside for nigga who like to tweet. Keep my name off you status update nigga!”

  • kwame

    fuck u ray j ur too loud fuck off n go to hell……who are u,u are not better than fab……..

  • anutha_level

    …this can’t end well for ray j.

  • $yk

    I’ma say it like this…

    in real life it’s well known that neither of these guys are soft…

    • http://xxlmag.com Matrix

      I was gonna say the same thing… Ray is from one of the baddest hoods in Cali. People act dumb because his outlet to make money was because he can sing. Fab has been really suspect the last few years tho. /:


        Just because people are from a rough neighborhood doesn’t mean they’re hard bodied.By both of their actions,i say both of them are lame.They’re fighting over some tweet shit.That’s some little boy shit,i thought they were grown men.

        • $yk

          I’ma say it again…these 2 guys are not guys you want to get into some drama with…it’s not gonna pan out for you…however lame you THINK they are…

          people on here act like Ray J is a Yung Berg type of dude…he ain’t…Fab ain’t gonna say anything because he’s ALREADY on the watch list…again…people in REAL LIFE, who are on the IN, know what I’m typing is true…

          but I’ma let y’all tell it…y’all seem to be well informed…

          • MY NAME IS EUGENE

            I would like to know where do you get your info from?
            Anybody can be connected to real cats.My family on the west coast are mostly Bloods but does that make me a street dude?

            I’M NOT SAYING ANYONE IS SOFT,but my point is that the whole point of this story is stupid.Once again it’s us,Black Men getting caught up in some stupid.This is the type of situation that a real dude would walk away from because there’s nothing to gain from it except a visit from the police.

            We should be sick and tired of reading about us fighting over nothing.We don’t own any of this shit anyways.And we wonder why people still treat us like dirt.

            And if something really goes down from this,somehow it’s gonna get blamed on hip hop and $yk,i have alot of respect for you because you do drop gems on this site but i’m looking at this in bigger prospective.This whole thing has nothing but fail on it.Anyone can tough when security is around.Think about it $yk,Would Ray J would’ve did this without 50 and Floyd around?

          • $yk

            I know what you’re saying fam…and that also applies to just because one thinks a guy looks frail or is quiet he’s soft…

            I never addressed the fight because there’s only 1 side of the story out (well Fab did just address it)…your comment above works very well in that thread…

            I was addressing the misconceptions of these dudes because the hate/press/dislikes of music

  • http://google ron

    ray j do not have a tough bone in is body

  • dialloreese

    sure ray j…. sure…. ur not a gangter smfh lmfao

    • zayzkidd

      On the real tho. A lot of times these niggaz that seems soft be the wildest ones. You never know, Ray J might be the type of nigga to end it for a nigga.

  • zayzkidd

    Is that Michael Jackson going off like that? Ray J feeling like he a real gangsta because he went to jail… LMAO. Anyway, he better leave that shit alone before it ends up foul…

  • RMurda617

    Man come on now…why yall nikkas jocking Fab….He gt hit nd didnt do shit…nikka gt punked again….nd he wouldnt be laughing with 50 Cent they gt beef…..SO b4 yu make statements read about it…only MTO is sayin fab layed that nikka out…..all other sources claim that the Fab gt hit and didnt do nothing back…..anyway it dnt affect us so fuck it!!

  • pumpkinlips

    Ray baby, I’m sorry but u ain’t built for the lifestyle u are pertraying…You’re a pretty boy, & there’s nothing wrong with it. Stay in your lane sweetheart. Don’t let any1 make u step out of your character.

  • D90

    “u cant smack sumbody thru the phnoe ray-j” lmmfao yea fab gotta apologize for beatin gay j ass… cuz gay j aint tellin it how it really happened… dude talkin bout gettin fab raped smh now that shit gay

  • jon doey

    dude you a clown. been hanging around floyd to much. all my crib pay for all my car pay for. come to oakland with your car. you’ll go home on a bus.

  • wyatt dunham

    think ur hard when u come up with mayweather and 50 okay

  • Nunez

    ray j u a bitch ass nigga u jus crying nd havin a tantrum cuz fabo waxed dat ass and ain’t put no baby oil to soothe the pain.. Stop running ur mouth ray cuz ass woo pin number 2 on da way

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    To be fair, singing don’t make u non G and rapping about killing don’t either.

    However, Ray J was in the streets when he grew up and did a lil dirt. Just cause u on tv and make love songs don’t mean that u ain’t tough.

    Fab is also known for the street thing and was said to be apart of a crew that hit up rappers for their chains and ish.

    as far as respect musically…fab been hot from day one. he is prob the best low key rapper in the game. low key cause the boy does numbers. Plus, he still relavant. He’s on mad hits right now and his mixtapes are killah.

    Ray…well he has been making it off reality tv as of late. However, dude got tv and movie money.

    Either way great entertainment and funny interview.

  • NinoDogg

    Who could win out of drake and ray j? i bet both of them niggz get a grip for this.

  • oskamadison

    Next beef: Jaden Smith vs. Justin Bieber.

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  • Aaron

    wow this is serious….Ray J is gonna get his ass beat up!

  • Killa

    naw fab, well paul cain (fabs bro) really fucks with some real niggaz but ray j piru though and he really fucks with some real niggaz


    wow this nigga sound like mayweather puppet,”ALL MY CARS IS PAID FOR ALL MY HOUSES ARE PAID FOR” damn he quoting floyd aint he, he went from 2 to 4 to 6 roles royces

  • Brooklyn

    niggas need to stop acting like ray j ain’t tough…he had a rough upbringing on them UPN back lots.

  • da805boy

    I like fabs music but I also kno real gangstas n Fab fit the description. If I had to put money on itd be on ray. Just cuz a nigga sing don’t mean he wont tuck niggas in. Shit needs to start happenin in hip hop tho, dudes is makin too many claima they ain’t backin up. I ain’t sayin pop each other but after a while niggas is just bickerin like bitches n I ain’t tryna hear that shit

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