Being an independent artist allows Mac Miller the freedom to exercise innovative ideas in ways major label artists aren’t able to. The Rostrum Records signee is doing just that for his debut album, Blue Slide Park. [See album art on the left]

Currently set to drop on November 8, the project, which was put up for presale on iTunes last night (September 26), may be coming sooner than that if Mac’s rabid fan base decides to support the Pittsburgh MC during the disc's pre-release period. After the option to order the album was put up, the 2011 XXL Freshman tweeted, “25k preorders: the title track, Blue Slide Park comes out. 50k: i make a 50k donation to Make a Wish foundation. 100k: the album drops early (sic).” He also encouraged fans to tweet him pictures of the screen shots of their purchase receipts.

Below, you can check out the tracklist, as well as production credits for Blue Slide Park. —Adam Fleischer

01. English Lane (prod. by Ritz Reynolds)
02. Blue Slide Park (prod. by ID Labs)
03. Party On Fifth Ave (prod. by ID Labs)
04. PA Nights (prod. by Mansions On The Moon)
05. Frick Park Market (prod. by ID Labs)
06. Smile Back (prod. by ID Labs)
07. Under The Weather (prod. by ID Labs)
08. Of The Soul (prod. by ID Labs)
09. My Team (prod. by Clams Casino)
10. Up All Night (prod. by ID Labs)
11. Loitering Album Only (prod. by Young L)
12. Hole In My Pocket (prod. by Ritz Reynolds)
13. Diamonds & Gold (prod. by ID Labs)
14. Missed Calls (prod. by Ritz Reynolds)
15. Man In The Hat (prod. by ID Labs)
16. One Last Thing (prod. by Clams Casino)