Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Sells 964,000 Units, Breaks iTunes Record

It might not be a milli, but Lil Wayne’s long delayed, highly anticipated album, Tha Carter IV, officially sold 964,000 copies in its first week, according to the Nielsen SoundScan report.

The shocking numbers will easily place the LP at the No. 1 spot on tomorrow’s (September 7) Billboard Top 200 albums chart, according to

C4 is the highest-selling rap album, and highest-selling album from a male artist, period, since Wayne’s 2008 opus, Tha Carter III, which sold 1,005,000 units in its first week. In addition, the disc is the second highest-selling LP of 2011 behind Lady Gaga’s Born this Way, which sold 1.1 million. Weezy sold C4 for full price, while Gaga had her CD on sale for 99 cents during her first week.

Billboard reports that Tha Carter IV broke the record for the highest-selling album on iTunes in its first week with 345,000 digital copies downloaded.

Stay tuned to tomorrow for a full breakdown of this week’s charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • AishThaks

    LIL WAYNE is The Best Rapper Alive…..&& Lady Gaga Suck my Balls

  • JugularKill

    I know you’re thinking “Who’s buying that shit”. You don’t know barely anyone who has a copy.

    Teenage market is huge. I think the album is basic but congrats to Wayne that’s a huge number. (Twice the sales of Watch The Throne but half the quality).

    • thinker

      yeah we know who bought all those copies. and we know its only a matter of time before Bryan Williams’ receipt reaches the media.


      • massive

        shut that fuck up…you just can figure out the wezzy is running this shit….haha I know these niggaz is really undercover fans!

  • D90

    and thats probly about 900,000 people that were disappointed cuz this is an underwhelming album by an overrated MC

    • LOL

      why would you even label him an MC?

  • PG

    That’s some serious garbage you know Wayne bought his own album a lot no way he can push units like that after his rebirth CD only did like 160k first week

  • Pdub

    the carter 4 is gay , there’s only like 3 tracks that r alright but other than that the carter 4 was a disappointment
    TM103 gonna b the best album of year hands down

  • Haters

    So sounds like a lot of hating is taking place on this page.


    • peterose

      Learn how to spell before posting non-sense about people hating.
      I have not heard anyone banging the carter IV(I’m on a college campus where a majority of the consumers and purchasers of hip hop cds like it or not are white middle class kids) those numbers are the result of Universal padding. Baby included. Guaranteed 60-70 percent drop in sales next week

      • REally

        Realy because I’m pretty sure that most of the comments about C4 above the Haters comment are negative.

      • JugularKill

        (Yes I need to learn how to spell.)

        Though you’ve just backed up my “non-sense”. Obviously most hip hop consumers are white/ middle class, that’s nothing new. Its more about the age demographics.

        That’s why most people (adults) are like “Who bought a copy?”. Ppl like Jay-Z aren’t really appealing to the youth there’s been a consumer perceived rivalry between young and older hip hop artist for the last 5yrs.

        Its not about race or class. Its about popular youth culture. Bitch!

        • Okay

          Did using Bitch at the end make you feel better about yourself?

        • massive

          ppl actually are listen and not hearing ……. haha I know these niggaz is really undercover fans!

  • dont sweat the technique

    this album should of sold 1 copy it sucks atleast carter 3 was good

  • Blake

    Gaga’s album was actually only on sale for two days the week it came out, and only at Amazon, not everywhere.

    congrats to Wayne

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    wayne may nt sold all those records w/o sum slickness behind da scenes shyt but he’s da most “popular” hip hop artist rite nw whether u agree or nt & there’s no way he’s even close 2 da worst rapper,but y\ hip-hop fans are either die hard stans or haters.he’s a superstar nw & has 2 b mainstream & sumtymes waterdown cuz unbiased folks no he may say dumb stuff quite a bit but he is skilled at muzik.Y no1 ever complained wen michael jackson crossed over frm motown & became da “king of pop”? he wz doin doin r&b at 1st!!!!!! but y’all overlook dat…

    • $yk

      C’mon son…Mike crossed over when he left Motown?

      You’re spewing nonsense…the FAMILY got a better deal at CBS Records BECAUSE of Mike (record deal & TV show)…AND he didn’t really blow up until the EPIC RECORDS SOLO deal…

      Now…I heard you music. I presume you’ll take it as a win…you need some work, you’re spitting the same boring rap as everyone else. A god of rap would have their own itinerary to follow.

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    wayne may nt sold all those records w/o sum slickness behind da scenes shyt but he’s da most “popular” hip hop artist rite nw whether u agree or nt & there’s no way he’s even close 2 da worst rapper,but y\ hip-hop fans are either die hard stans or haters.he’s a superstar nw & has 2 b mainstream & sumtymes waterdown cuz unbiased folks no he may say dumb stuff quite a bit but he is skilled at muzik.Y no1 ever complained wen michael jackson crossed over frm motown & became da “king of pop”? he wz doin doin r&b at 1st!!!!!! but y’all overlook dat…..

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    You fuckers are MAD NOW! Good shit Wayne, another MONSTER WIN FOR BABY SLIM AND CASH MONEY. Outlasted Dame, Suge, Puffy and the rest of the losers. Outsold the closeted homosexual rapper and the Camel having his first child at 46 , wait so Wayne on his own outsold 2 multiplatinum superstars. LOL

    Wait till Drakes new shit drops, 550K first week, then they re-up with Minaj


    Any bets on Gay Coles album? Bwahahahahaha suckers

    • Realnigga

      Kanye a Homo?????? But Wayne prancing around in women’s leggings and kissing another grown ass man ain’t???? and I ain’t even a Wayne hater, I know he can do better than what he’s putting out and Tha Carter 1 & 2 is the proof…..but before u call another grown man a Homo, recognize WHO U BACKING…..F.Y.I. The Carter IV Was Fucking Terrible!!!!! Somebody Tell Wayne I Want MY GODDAMN $11.99 Back!!!!!

  • black jesus


  • gladepluginman

    baby said junya gone sell a milli. the interviewer said how are you so sure? baby said i have the receipts.

  • Mo6303

    He must be doing something right. Itunes record wow!
    Yay, for hip hop.

    See how I made 63K last month with iPhone apps…

  • outsider

    i wich a was selling 500geees a week like weezy f man!!

  • masked villian

    game and jeezy best albums period i bout the carter and wanted my money back asap

  • maskerd villian


  • charles

    there that up north hate again

    • $yk

      Can you prove that all of the people here that don’t like the album are from the north? North what? You do realize this is an international website right? Most people don’t care about where that man is from

  • Zhara

    I’m not a hater but I don’t really like this album, Watch the throne is better in my opinion.

  • Sean Izzle

    I knew it wasnt gonna sell A Milli like Tha Carter III (the last real Tha Carter album) but i would never thought it would sell this much! 964,000 units!!! Damn huge numbers

    Check youre contacts, everyone “likes” Lil Wayne. None of these people know what Southern rap is whatsoever. They just familiar with Lil Wayne, they dont even know that hes from the South or New Orleans… they dont even know what New Orleans is

  • chas

    what is everybody talkkin about? the carter 4 is that shit, i hear ppl slamming ths dude album almost everyday out here in chicago.. he has turned mainstream but the carter 4 is a good ass LP. and i hate when ppl try to sat bro cant spit? do yurresearch and turn up the spakers the man is nice besides tht rebirth sht

  • Tshilidzi

    Big numbers……….whoa!

    Weezy might b doing sumttin right cuz he stays winning even though he rappin’ the same old sh*t one liners with no substance………………….

    I respect any1 who makes that dollar sense……..

  • JihaD

    Now niggas know why CamelGOAT will never go to war with Weezy… These lil niggas and crackers out here LOVE that wack nigga. Camel could release a song with God on the Chorus and the Devil on the beat and these lil weirdo niggas would still say Weezy won.



  • Reggie

    I think Weezy is dope, but lets be real, if Em brought a solo album out this year (without royce) he would of sold more than weezy, kanye/jay and the Game. Em is the king.

  • jimmyjam33

    congrats wayne, i mean the album blows, no where near as good as throne, not even as good as the second half of red album (which blew). but for someone to pull this just shows how rabid his fanbase is, i admire the mans hustle, he was on like 60 songs since the start of the year and had like 3 songs on billboard top 10 ant any given time he knows what the fuck hes doing. its not as if die hard hip hop heads actually bought recovery either.

  • Yizzle

    Big up to Wayne for almost going platinum in a week. Those number haven’t been heard of since the early to mid 2000′s. Anyways it looks a little suspect for him to sell so many copies of this album when all the other LP’s that came out prior to this release are no where near the sales this one has. But I’m not a hater so I’m not going to speculate. At this point in Wayne’s career his only job is to be better than Jay-Z. THAT’S IT!!! Because at the end of the day that’s who people always compare him to. Which in fact isn’t fair to either artist seeing how Jay is 42 and Wayne is in his prime. Wayne’s music appeals to a younger generation of listeners as well as a few older heads. Jay’s music is more appealing to on older crowd. True fans follow both artist no matter their age or the music they are making. But how many of us can say we are true fans? Everybody who loves hip-hop or claims to love it are all dick riders! We jump on the hottest shit like we never heard anything like it. When at the end of the day all the music past and present is the same shit just on different beats with catchier word play. But still the message remains the same. Money, Cash, Hoes!!! I’ve listened to both WTT and TC4. If I had to pick one it would be WTT due to the content of the album. This is a complete album that a lot of people won’t appreciate, because we have been programmed to dislike Jay or Wayne. But to me it’s not about that. It’s all about the music. WTT is just better music that over the years in my opinion will be more remembered because of the message it speaks. It’s speaks a message of triumph and over coming the odds. Even sheds some light to some of the current issues we as blacks are dealing with today as we speak. So bravo to Hov and Ye. Wayne’s album does exactly what is supposed to do and that’s keeping up with the times. Being the forerunner of all the music that comes out by todays generation. It basically says to the other artist in the game “this is the new sound, so follow it or fall back.” It may not be what we as hip-hoppers expected of Wayne. But honestly when has he or any artist for that matter made exactly what we as listeners wanted to hear. If and when that happens we complain that all the music sounds the same (for example 50Cent). So for all the people who are hating on Wayne and claim the album is garbage. I suggest you listen to the rest of the music that’s out and compare it to Wayne’s. Hands down Wayne’s album is right there with the rest of the music. The best music I feel is yet to come from all the artist I’ve mentioned in this blog because it will force them to compete against each other. COMPETE!!! Not beef… That’s where 50 makes his mistake. He beefs instead of competes. So I’m sure I’m going to get shitted on by some people who have a difference of opinion and it’s all good. But lets not forget that this just my opinion so I’m entitled to say what I think or feel. Get at me hip-hop fans. Easy

  • Los Angeles Angelz

    I love the way everybody is counting dudes money…”We made it boss, we’s a gonna be rich now boss”….dayum coons…… Fail


    look im a huge weezy fan n i will admit that the album was a bit disappointing, but it is wrong to say that teenagers buy albums because i am 16 and i dont know a single friend that buys albums and neither do i…

    c’mon ppl, that is what the internet is for

  • hater

    Why the white folks also got to bring up EM.. fck yall for that bullsht…

  • chris brown


  • oxyher

    fuck lil wayne. wutang 4 ever

  • falez fleezy

    lil tunechi is actually the best in the rap game,listen to president carter…

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  • cash flow

    man yall crazy wayne and YMCMB killen da game and they make da most money of sales aint nobody duen it like they is they just no what they duen no body in hip hop got a deal better then they due

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  •'s-thacarter-iv-sells-964000-un Dre

    Wayne is the best rapper alive, whether u lyk it or not. Fuck all tha haters.