Gucci Mane Headed Back to Jail Over Battery Charge

Gucci Mane is headed back to the big house.

According to the Associated Press, the troubled rapper pled guilty to two counts of battery, two counts of reckless conduct and one count of disorderly conduct in Dekalb County today in relation to an incident that occurred last January, involving Gucci pushing a woman out of his Hummer.

Gooch will have to serve six months in jail for the charges, pay a $3,000 fine and he will have to give $5,091 to the victim for her medical bills. In addition, the judge is forcing the 1017 Brick Squad leader to attend anger management classes for three months.

Gucci was just released from jail last July after serving three months on a probation violation. —Elan Mancini

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  • lanwuzhere

    Lets be honest….Is anybody really surprised about this???

  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap
  • that nigga

    Him and DMX should drop an album together.

    • Calhoun

      With “T.I.” ON THAT BITCH.

  • black jesus

    bull shit. its that whores fault anyway, why would you get in a car with gucci mane if you werent down to party? fuck out of here.





    • jayt


    • Phresh-EZ

      Fo real cuz! who the fuck would get into a car if they weren’t down to party wit Gucci La Flare?

  • king jawz

    man dis fool crazy

  • 2883Joker

    This is bullshit!!!!! I thought he was released with time served for this charge. Now they are charging him. Fuck the police & the judicial system.

  • kingjawz

    man this fool crazy

  • Sean Izzle

    Im being honest saying this: Gucci Manes music isnt as good as it was a early while ago :( Its not good that he releases so much material in such a short time period. He should take more time with the music while hes out of jail. He should do a banger with OJ Da Juiceman cause he they got the best chemistry. NOT Waka Flocka Flame, that Ferrari Boyz album aint as good as for example, The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted. He should stay outta jail, do the bid, survive, come out and finish the damn probation and never ever be on probation again. It shouldn’t be impossible. Stay away from those drugs that keep on landing him in these legal situations And focus more on his music and the game and think about what he was doing in 2009

    • ChrisGUCCCI

      Shut up bitch

    • vincent

      your a weak pussy u talk shit u mad cuz u dont got swag

      • Fuck Gucci

        both you two niggas is fags dick ridin niggas swag= gay shit i didnt even know niggas still said that gay shit the niiga need to be locked up for them raps dude beyond one of the worst ever

  • anutha_level

    no news here

  • vincent

    free ma nigga gucci, yall dumb hoes dont get in my truck if you dont wanna fuck and fuck u ppl dissin he releases the illst mixtapes fuck everyone else gucci mane make the trap,, ayye you dont know shit about the trap sean izzle u talk shit shout out to waka and oj they real street niggas

  • Fuck Gucci

    every nigga you just shouted out is TRASH niggas always screamn that real street nigga shit on REAL COMPUTERS how you know they street you pulln all nighters with these niggas you trapn with them vincent shut your game tardy ass up nigga you aint street and if thats all you are yous a DUMB nigga ole Gilligan ass nigga tell them to stay in the streets cause the cant rap for shit

  • fuckyall

    he should just kill his slef it be better for hip hop. lol like dear season. they should have dumb nigga season just pluck these niggas of lol

  • http://xxl Diamondz

    I heard about that incident gucci siad he was taking her to breakfast than she noticed they werent going to any resteraunts and she asked were we going and he offered her 250 $ to fuck LOL 250$ come on gucci you got a ferrari at least tell that slut hey come to my room and ill give you at least a g than call security and say a groupie broke in your room and throw her out that bitch with no cash LOL

  • 1017

    Briiiiickkkksquuaaaddddd. That’s why gucci must have been releasing so much music lately before he went to jail. To get Gucci u have to listen to his mixtapes that’s where he’s the realest and hardest