Bow Wow Wants to See More Lil Wayne/Jay-Z Beef

Don’t get it twisted, Bow Wow rides with Young Money/Cash Money all day. But the YMCMB rapper tells he wouldn’t mind seeing a little more back-and-forth on wax between his label head Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. The two heavyweights have a history of trading jabs, with the most recent shot being delivered by Wayne on his song, “It’s Good,“off Tha Carter IV.

“From the fans’ perspective, I look at it as this is something they want,” Bow said of a lyrical bout between Weezy and Hov. “Why not? Battle rapping has been going on in hip-hop since it was created. This is something that’s been in our sport for years. Any time you rap, especially for guys, we already feel like we the best, anyway. ‘My car better than yours, my girl finer than yours.’ So, guys, we already competitive as it is. But in this sport, or any type of field where there’s a lot of people that do what you do, you’re going to want to be the best.”

To further make his point, BW compared hip-hop to professional sports, saying, “In this sport, or any type of field where there’s a lot of people that do what you do, you’re going to want to be the best. A lot of times it’s more than one person they consider the best. In order to figure out who’s the best you might have to go at a couple of people. It happens in boxing. Floyd Mayweather is the best but they say he ain’t the best until he fights [Manny] Pacquiao. Sometimes you might have to man up and go for the gold.”

“We see the Patriots going at the Giants,” he continued. ”We’ve seen two good teams always go at each other, so how come two great rappers can’t go at each other? To me it’s all competitive, it’s a form of art, it’s rap, it’s something we seen before. But, if you’re gonna do it, then, do it.”

Bow Wow, whose Madea’s Big Happy Family film by Tyler Perry hit Blu-Ray/DVD outlets earlier this week, is currently prepping the release of his Underrated studio album for November 1. —Mariel Concepcion

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  • Keith


  • kukluxswag

    yaaaaawn…so when r u gonna drop ur album bow?

  • sushi

    bow wow sucks.. he done fell off n his opinion counts for as much as his career does these days.. he just kissin his boss ass coz he knws this whole beef fiasco is gona help wayne’s sales #hasbeen #washedup #smh

  • josh

    I cosign with everything he said.


  • A tha amzn

    If thats how he feels then he should give his career a boost and get at big sean or j.cole and get KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!..weak azz..

    • Top Shattas

      Folks numbers do not lie. Yes Bow Wow had is run. But until Big Sean or j Cole can do an arena tour and sell out all buildings they need to stay in the small lane. Bow Wow sell out three arena tours while making a movie plus investing in various McD restaurants. This is all about money. You not making the money then you need to shut up. FYI and he is still selling out shows in Europe.

  • http://xxl Diamondz

    FUCK BOW WOW that short little piece of shit you act like a thug but you aint shit.Trying to bet kobe bryant on a one on one game you fuckin pussy!

  • young pereira

    Why not? this rapgame needs a little more competition, i love Hov and Weezy but i think that this situation can become the rapgame more interesting.

  • young pereira

    bow wow i love you a lot and i’m looking forward to listen your new album. wheh you’ll release?

  • Aaron

    You want to see more Beef between..that is not fair for the imple fact lyrically Wayne s not on the same level as HOV….that is like a priest wanting to beef with Jesus….A child beefing with a adult!…..BOw and your tem need to make some hits and stop writing for one another…Hip Hop is where you need to write your own stuff..Stop coming up with new dances and pretty hooks and just rhyme…Please tell Wayne if he do not want it with 50 Cent..he dam sure do not want it with Jay Z!!!!!!…FOH!

  • Shayne

    dope nikka!

  • Prodegy

    Bow u bein childsh. beef ain nessary mahn…Evy rapper is good intheir ohwn way of displaying their hiphop skill mahn. If thr was such stuff as da best rapper you would see dat in lyrics mahn…