50 Cent called into Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show last night (September 20)  to give his side of the Fabolous/Ray J scuffle that happened last weekend at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

As previously reported, the Brooklyn MC and the R&B singer both gave conflicting accounts of what happened on rival station, Power 105.1 FM on Monday. Ray claimed he punched Fab in the face over some tweets that Loso posted making fun of the crooner’s appearance on the HBO boxing show 24/7, while the Street Fam rep denies he was ever hit.

50, who witnessed the altercation first hand, told Flex that while Ray J did swing at Fab, he never actually connected, and the scuffle ended there. “There was a swing but it didn’t land on anything,” Fif clarified. [Listen above]

“I think [Ray J] had a lil bit of juice in him,” 50 added, referring to the fact that the crooner may have had a few drinks of alcohol.

Asked if he instigated the fight, Fif said, “If I don’t pump you up on purpose it’s not my fault. If I pumped you up without saying anything, because I’m there, how could you blame me?”

In fact, the G-Unit General said he got between the two artists before the incident had a chance to escalate.

Meanwhile, Ray J took to Twitter yesterday to apologize to his fans for his explosive interview on Monday morning with The Breakfast Club, where he threatened to have Fabolous beat up.

“I want to apologize to my fans that might have been offended by the things I said on the radio today. I lost control.” —Elan Mancini