On the day of his fifteenth death anniversary, it appears Tupac Shakur's masters for the tracks "Thugz Theme" and "Peep Game" are up for grabs on ebay.

"Original 2Pac Master Tapes in Mint Condition," reads the listing on Ebay, which was posted by a seller named lazyincorporated. The starting bid starts at $9,000, although no bids have been made yet, and the auction ends on September 19, 2011.

"Tape is in incredible condition, and all ready to go on the machine (no baking necessary)," reads the rest of the description of the item. "All documents are 100% original. Free shipping is included with the purchase of tapes. All of our master tapes were legally purchased, so ownership is strictly not an issue. All compositions and performances on the tapes were copyrighted by the artists, labels, and publishers and so are sold for their memorabilia value."—Mariel Concepcion