As everyone in Atlanta will see tonight during the taping of the BET Hip-Hop Awards, everything is all good between 2 Chainz and Ludacris. The two taped one of the many rap ciphers, which has become an award shows staple throughout the years. Obviously 2 Chainz, has broken out of the shadow of DTP, a label he’s been signed to for a little over a decade as Tity Boi. Chainz told, that even though there is nothing but love for Luda, it is time for him to step out on his own.

“Shout out to Chaka Zulu, Jeff Dixon and ‘Ludacris’ Chris Bridges,” he said. “They are the owners of DTP. I’ve been signed to them for ten years, some people know it, some people don’t. I put out two major albums with them [as part of] Playaz Circle. The first one was Supply and Demand, it had the major hit ‘Duffle Bag Boy’ with [Lil Wayne]. That was ’07. We came with Flight 360: The Takeoff in ’09. That had features on there from Raekwon to Cee-Lo Green. I felt that not necessarily DTP or Def Jam, it was another project that someone just threw out. As an individual who puts time and effort into it, I just couldn’t be apart of something that just gets thrown out for whatever reasons. I’m trying to do my own thing, have my own imprint, trying to be my own boss. That’s what I’m working on. [DTP] do have first dibs. We have to work it out where everybody is happy. We trying to figure it all out.”

Regardless of how the label situation works out, Chainz is still going to breaking bread with DTP. Ludacris asked him to be a part of his next album.

“I’m actually doing some A&R for Luda’s new album, LudaVersal” he said. "I’m not giving [Luda] too many ideas, but I have a lot of producers that fuck with me that ’Cris may not even be knowing. I like fucking with that type; that young and hungry and probably nobody knows. Before M-16 did ‘Duffle Bag Boys,’ nobody knew him. A name doesn’t drive me. It used to be you open up the cover and see names like Timbaland. It’s not like that no more. You have guys like Lex Luger come and kick the door down. Sonny Digital come and kick the door down. I’m part of that new wave, that new wave of music. I understand the new wave and new sound. I understand that was. For a artist like ’Cris who might not be out as much because he has a liquor to promote, or a movie or headphones, I’m still out here. That’s why I think he hired me. I can bring that to the table.”

2 Chainz is dropping his new mixtape T.R.U. REALigion on November 1. —Shaheem Reid