Jay-Z, Kanye West’s Watch the Throne is No. 1 iTunes Album in the World

Jay-Z and Kanye West have many things to be celebratory about these days.

Their collaborative album, Watch the Throne, was released today (August 8) exclusively on iTunes without first leaking, which is a feat all in itself. Now, XXL has learned the LP is the No. 1 digital album in the country.

According to Universal Music Group, the joint set holds the top slot for iTunes in 19 countries, including the UK, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Australia.

For physically copies of Watch the Throne, hit your local Best Buy on August 12. —Mariel Concepcion

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  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    and i heard them say…



    • phlygerl

      @ Trust Me – It DID leak, but only after it officially was released on iTunes. The deluxe version was on MediaFire within MINIUTES of the iTunes release. I saw it at around 12:03am!!! The regular version was floating around also.

      • http://facebook.com/thacauseofdeath thacauseofdeath

        thats not called leak thats called bootleg…
        of course its gonna get bootlegged after the release….

        • WORD

          ^^^LOL, RIGHT!

      • JWill

        It did not leak, especially since the term leak is used when an album is NOT released officially to the public. The album was in fact released hence why you saw different versions of the album AFTER it released on iTunes.

    • $yk

      did you people ever think those file sharing links for downloads are set up by internet cops waiting for the thirsty fans to violate themselves?

      did you?

  • ballinch02

    lil wayne’s i am not a human being album did not leak either

    • JWill

      Are you sure that it wasn’t a mixtape, then they in fact choose to release it as an EP?

  • Lo Down

    How can i listen to the CD right now.

  • macdude2012

    the album is ok, its gettn all this hype for nuttn

    • Aaron

      i would rather them to get all the hype then the BS that is out!…enough withthe drugs and women in your videos..can you rhyme???????? they both can do that!…so support it!

      • WHACK

        Are u kidding me? Did u listen to this gay ass album? All its about is money and women. Same shit as everything else. The sad thing is, there are so many rappers who do it better than these 2 fall-offs. How the fuck did Kanye get to this point from college dropout? More importantly, Jay from reasonable doubt? (Which is one of the greatest albums of all time) If you like this, then you must hate hip hop. PERIOD. This is the kind of music that killed hip hop and rap. This is STRAIGHT TRASH!!! Not even worth a download. Its a waste of time. I have a 160GB I pod, I have almost everything, but the minute I listened to this all the way through, I deleted it. ‘Nuff Said

        • ace

          U are a idiot for making that statement every track on the cd is different if u listened to the albume u should have realized that. the album had nice melodies and nice lyrics to go with it. And can’t compare this albums to reasonable doubt because jay z can rap about that stuff no more he rich all he know is the good life and kanye flow on this albums is the great this is the beat album to xo e out in a while and if u go compare the contex of this albume to any of kanye albume u should have said graduation

          • WHACK

            Someones a Jay and Kanye DICK RIDER

  • Aaron

    real honest hip hop …great lyrics no gimmicks wake up A&Rs and get your game face on!!!

  • Shawn Williams

    heavyhitting, the long-awaited, the most celebrating hip-hop collaborative album of 2011! This is Hip-Hopocalypse!


    Lift Off- 31st Century Futurama Fly Shit!
    Otis- CLASSIC!!!!
    Who Gon Stop Me- KILLA!

    Honoranle Mention:

    No Church In The Wild
    N**gas In Paris


  • BIG E

    i keep hearing this album is great…PLEASE!!! THE GAME just dropped a MIX TAPE CANDY CORONAS and that right there by itself is a CLAS-SICK!!! Rhyme after Rhyme!!! shit is a banger!!!RED ALBUM COMING SOON!!!!!