Soulja Boy Did Not Buy Private Jet, Owes $30K in Taxes

Last week Soulja Boy had the Internet going hammer when it was reported that he bought himself a $55 million private jet for his 21st birthday last week. However it was all a lie, according to TMZ, who happened to break the news in the first place.

The “Crank That” rapper’s spokesperson Greg Miller said that “elaborate rumors” are “false.”

To make matters worse, when given a chance by a Miami DJ to clear up the story on Friday (July 29), Soulja said he was “G5 status,” leading fans to believe he in fact made the astronomical purchase. He also told TMZ, “Hell yea… I bought it”

In related Soulja news, according to, SB is facing problems with Uncle Sam. The gossip site is reporting that the 21-year-old owes the state of California about $26,805 in back taxes,  as well as about $3,500 to Mississippi. His Georgia home was also foreclosed on last year.

In more positive news, Soulja dropped his latest EP earlier today, appropriately titled 21, which fans can download for free here. –Mike Hennix

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  • Los Angeles Angelz

    First off, don’t nobody want no free songs from dude so delete the link….secondly, dude is gone, we will not here anything from this guy, it was amazing that the american people even listen and supported his garbage music in the first place…(that shows you how we respect anybody that does anything just to fit in)-

  • meathook

    only a true asshole believed he bought a g5. how easily the people can be swayed. xxl… get ya shit together. stop posting shit like it’s the truth just because you hear it somewhere else. SMDH…3 times

  • coolin

    I can see how people would get the jet and taxes mixed up by $55,026,000. No really I can, because there is a lot of dumb people out there in this world.

  • Bara odrama

    He worth $20milion hw tha fck ws he 2 buy a $55milion jet?!! Idiots

  • HU

    Is really worth even 20 million? That sounds extremely high. Anyone who believed this for even a second is a complete idiot and really needs to learn what money and wealth are. Soulja Boy is not wealthy and never will be. There are maybe 2 or 3 rappers in the world who could afford a private jet and it wouldn’t be wise if they actually bought one. Anyone who flashes money doesn’t have real money. I can assure you that no human with rims, chains, tattoos and other stupid pointless shit has any actual money.

  • HU

    …And like my man LA Angelz said at the top delete that link from this article. No one is going to download that shit.

    • that nigga

      True facts!!!

  • $yk

    “Anyone who flashes money doesn’t have real money.”

    ^ they ain’t listening though…all we’re doing is “hating”

  • cali is active

    I knew it was bullshit from get go this niggas trash cant wait till J Cole drop that Cole World on these niggas and really shit on these so called rappers we have nowadays 9/27 cole world no blanket nigga coming all the from the westcoast holla

  • @24kLiLCoe

    We have yet 2 see Bill Gates, Warren Buffet & Oprah take pictures flashing money & throwing it up in the air…

  • El Tico Loco

    Souljah boy fail in 5 4 3 2 1

  • Shawty J

    SB didn’t buy a 55 million dollar jet? No Shit! XXL, step your game up and start vetting these stories!

  • Will Morebucks

    I swear, if a rapper said he bought Mars there’d be a dumbfuck out there who believed it

  • Jino

    The only rappers who could afford that are probably Jay z , P Diddy, Master P, and Fifty.

  • Bgeorge

    Faq soulja boy!!……Nigga aint even worth half 50 milli!