Everything you do, no matter how much you try to cover it up, always comes out in the open — just ask Nicki Minaj.

After denying a reported Dallas, Texas, fight allegedly with hypeman and rumored boyfriend SB ever happened — and accusing the media of fabricating the whole thing — the seven minute 911 call has now surfaced on the net (although SB's involvement isn't confirmed).

The recording, while undecipherable at times, finds a Hotel Palomar manager placing a call to the police to ask a guest, who won't open his room door, be removed from the premises. When he's asked by the operator if those involved are females and males, he mentions Nicki's name, who is heard yelling in the background, "What are you asking me for?!"

The manager is then asked to get off the phone by a male as the person who appears to be Nicki Minaj is heard telling someone to "get out my face." The manager leaves the phone on as the operator records the call, capturing some more yelling in the background, including a male saying, "I want my fucking luggage," and a female, presumably Nicki, hollering back, "Look at what he did to my face!" She then angrily asks the manager, "Where's the police?" and he replies, "They're on their way."

The manager hops back on the phone and asks the operator, "Did you hear all that?" to which she answers, "Yes." "It’s pretty crazy up here right now," he continues. "This is a celebrity profile group. This is Nicki Minaj. I don’t know if you know anything about that. But her entire crew is up here on the eighth floor and it is getting crazy. So as soon as possible would be awesome."

He then adds Nicki has been "hit in the face by somebody," although when asked by who, he isn't able to identify the person.

Nicki has since responded to the leaking of the tape by tweeting:

In related news, Nicki, who performed for Good Morning America Summer Stage this morning (Aug. 5), confirmed to host Robin Roberts that she has joined the cast of the animated-film, Ice Age: Continental Drift, along with Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Drake and more. The 3D film is scheduled for a July 13, 2012 release. — Mariel Concepcion