Nas Will Appear on Doe or Die II, AZ “Guarantees”

It seems like the dynamic duo of Nas and AZ are back at it. The two recently reunited and have been performing Nas’s seminal album, Illmatic, together onstage at this year’s Rock the Bells festival, but that’s not all. AZ tells that fans can look forward to hearing God’s Son on Doe or Die II, the sequel to his 1995 debut.

“Imma say guaranteed he’ll be on that,” AZ revealed about the Queens lyricist appearance on his forthcoming album.

Asked what it was like to link back up with his partner-in-rhyme, the Visualizer said, “[With] me and him it’s like magic when we connect so, it’s that magic all over again.”

AZ and Nas have recorded dozens of tracks together since the early 1990s and along with Foxy Brown, and Nature were a part of rap supergroup The Firm. But none of the two’s songs were as popular as “Life’s A Bitch,” which served as AZ’s introduction to rap listeners.  At Rock the Bells, the duo have been reciting the classic Illmatic track, and the experience has prompted the BK MC to look back at his career.

“It’s 17 years [since we recorded that song] and it only feel like yesterday,” he shared. “’’Cause it’s like me and him never aged at the end of the day.”

As of press time a release date has not been set for AZ’s Doe or Die II. The duo’s next stop at Rock the Bells is in there hometown of New York on Saturday, September 3. —Ralph Bristout

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  • TicNitty706

    Can we please get a collab album?

  • M Easy

    Yes!! Collab album please!!! Thats what I want and what hip hop needs!!!
    2 of the best to ever do it

  • http://xxl biged

    im waiting for some faggot to say these guys are too old and some tight jean wearing bastard can do better. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. REAL RAP IS BACK

  • Yessir

    I don’t know about you all but Doe or Die II is definite buy.

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  • stAND alONE

    Collab album with Primo on the boards! Please, oh please!

  • T La Rockin’ It Rockin It (Yes we is rockin’ It)

    man im like a doe or die ambassador at mmy school, i played we cant win by az for an assignment in poetry class (we had to pick a song from our favorite artists an present lyrics to teacher along wit song) an got full marks, my teacher loved it, further more noone even knew who az was at my school til i played magic hour and the format durin a bboy session, AZ is the greatest rapper noone hardly heard of, its like hes our best kept secret, ya know only true heads be on that exclusive shit. peace to AZ an peeps my age needa get off that hit pop shit, an onto some real hip hop.