Mack Maine Isn’t Concerned With Lil Wayne’s First-Week Sales

The fans don’t have to send any more nasty tweets to Lil Wayne’s Young Money underboss Mack Maine. No more delays, Tha Carter IV is finally on store shelves today (August 29).

“It’s like the stars are aligning again,” Mack told ” All the fans got mad when we pushed the album back to August 29. I woke up to death threats. A cat in Lebanon hit me [and said], ‘You come to Lebanon, we got something for your ass.’ I’m like, ‘What’s this about? Oh, we said we gonna push the release date back.’”

So with the record in the marketplace, not only are there high expectations for Weezy artistically, but everyone is looking for Birdman, Jr to put up those big opening numbers again.

“[Wayne] actually told us if he don’t do those same numbers again as C3 don’t be mad,” Mack admitted.

The Young Money president says YMCB are thinking more long range than just a strong start.

“I said this before,” he shared. “I told Nicki—she was kinda nervous about her first-week sales—I said, ‘First week sales don’t matter.’ I’d rather my final sales matter. I know albums from Juvenile 400 Degreez to Beiber’s first album sold 20, or 30,000 the first-week and went onto sell 2 million one album then 6 million on another album. I saw Gaga did the 99 cent thing [and] then [her] second-week it did like 175,000. Congratulation as it relates to her. With Wayne, I don’t want him to sell a million the first-week, [and] then drop to 100,000 the next week then 50,00 the following week. I’d rather sell ten times platinum total.”

“People have gotten away from working a record,” Mack added, blasting most record companies business models, “’You better do good your first week. If your first week numbers are not good, we gonna move onto another artist,’” he mimicked a typical record exec.

“With Nicki, we’re on our seventh or eighth video on Pink Friday,” he boasted. “We working!”

Stay tuned to later this week for Tha Carter IV’s first-week sales projection as well as the official Nielsen SoundScan numbers next Wednesday, September 7. —Shaheem Reid

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  • c2

    Probably 900K or maybe even 1mil… I dnt knw

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    Who cares, I’m sick of people counting another man’s pockets. You’re not going to get that money, he’s not sharing, he’s not giving back, so why care who sells what? Either you like the music or you don’t, all this talk of sales is dumb. We base what we like off of if the next man likes it, if you like it and you are the only one then you are the only one that likes it, flat out. Who cares, we won’t do anything unless someone else is doing it, Americans are followers, not leaders.

    • D

      Unlike most artist in the game Wayne actually gives back to his city. I’m from New Orleans and I have to give it the lil dude he really does a lot.

      • Los Angeles Angelz

        Again, who cares what these dudes make? Does it impact your bank account? Do you feel better about yourself when an artist sells millions of records? Do you feel like your life is better because of it? We stunt our own growth, trying to keep up with someone else’s…..

  • L

    600k. The VMA release will help and the Jay Z verse was “leaked” at a perfect time. He’ll do 600+ easy

  • $yk

    “[Wayne] actually told us if he don’t do those same numbers again as C3 don’t be mad,”

    “The Young Money president says YMCB are thinking more long range than just a strong start.”

    ^ Wayne most likely won’t come anywhere near these outrageous numbers people are posting…and they know it too…where are you guys getting your info from?

    “and the Jay Z verse was “leaked” at a perfect time. He’ll do 600+ easy”

    ^ smh…have you noticed all over the ‘net Bey & Jay’s baby is talked about more than C4? Do you realize it makes Wayne’s lil’ dis verse irrelevant?

  • the sheenster

    800k first week


  • Los Angeles Angelz

    Yall should be these rappers man slaves the way yall be keeping up with their money. ” Yes Sa boss, we gon’ do 600k+ this week boss, we gon rule da world boss, you da man boss”….damn slaves…..

    • $yk

      exactly fam…it’s like the article CLEARLY says they’re not expecting monstrous 1st week numbers…and cats are STILL posting monstrous 1st week number predictions…it’s to the point now where it’s like WTF is wrong with people?

      The whole world is concerned about Jay & Bey’s baby and Wayne’s numbers while people just got flooded out and died this weekend?

      • Los Angeles Angelz

        @ $yk-Agreed, I think personnaly it’s the disfuction of us as a society, we care more about what “celebrities” are doing, meanwhile we do little to nothing to uplift and further our own lives…It’s like, look dude, they are living their dream, are you living yours? I just get tired of people star chasing all day while counting someone elses’s money….Actually it just shows ignorance.

  • DJrubixqube

    Reportedly he has all ready sold 887,000 copies of the carter IV

    • Hip Hop

      Another dummy believing everything they read….Dummy.

  • Pingback: Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Projected to Sell 700-850K in First-Week via XXLMag | HipHopSince1987

  • Fuck yall

    iwish i could meat him and beat the shit out him for helping fucking up hip hop