You won't hear Machine Gun Kelly use the N-word anytime soon. The White, Cleveland-bred rapper, who recently inked a deal with Sean "Diddy" Combs's Bad Boy Records, recently told he wouldn't be caught dead using the offensive slur.

"It’s a wrap on me using that word," MGK told XXL. "Not where I’m from. Fuck that. I love my hood stripes. I wear my hood stripes proud. I don’t want them taken from me. [The] only N-word I’m using is ninjas and napalm, nasal spray, narcissist, nipples. Those are the N-words I’m using. Nipple is my favorite N-word." [Watch Above]

MGK's lighthearted comments aren't to be misconstrued for naïveté. He's well aware of the weight the controversial word holds.

"My daughter’s black, too," MGK shared. "My whole team, with the exception of one of my managers, is black. It’s a subject you just kinda grow up and respect. I can joke all I want to. I wouldn’t touch that shit, though."

Kreayshawn affiliate V-Nasty apparently doesn't share Kelly's perspective. The Bay Area-based femcee recently released a viral video defending her use the N-word.

“On some real nigga shit, though," the White Girl Mob member vented. "How I really feel about these muthafuckas talking about, ‘Why is V-Nasty saying the N-Word?' You muthafuckas have never walked in my shoes, bruh. Am I offending people or using it in a disrespectful type of way?”

While he doesn't support V-Nasty's use of the word, MGK did his best to walk in her shoes.

"I used to get jumped a lot and I wasn’t dropping any type of N-word," he revealed. "I can’t really speak on anyone else’s situation. I don’t know [V-Nasty]. I know a lot of people who do use it. They just grew up in that type of shit where I guess it was cool." —Carl Chery with reporting by Amber Mckynzie

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