Machine Gun Kelly Doesn’t Condone V-Nasty’s Use of the N-Word [Video]

You won’t hear Machine Gun Kelly use the N-word anytime soon. The White, Cleveland-bred rapper, who recently inked a deal with Sean “Diddy” Combs’s Bad Boy Records, recently told he wouldn’t be caught dead using the offensive slur.

“It’s a wrap on me using that word,” MGK told XXL. “Not where I’m from. Fuck that. I love my hood stripes. I wear my hood stripes proud. I don’t want them taken from me. [The] only N-word I’m using is ninjas and napalm, nasal spray, narcissist, nipples. Those are the N-words I’m using. Nipple is my favorite N-word.” [Watch Above]

MGK’s lighthearted comments aren’t to be misconstrued for naïveté. He’s well aware of the weight the controversial word holds.

“My daughter’s black, too,” MGK shared. “My whole team, with the exception of one of my managers, is black. It’s a subject you just kinda grow up and respect. I can joke all I want to. I wouldn’t touch that shit, though.”

Kreayshawn affiliate V-Nasty apparently doesn’t share Kelly’s perspective. The Bay Area-based femcee recently released a viral video defending her use the N-word.

“On some real nigga shit, though,” the White Girl Mob member vented. “How I really feel about these muthafuckas talking about, ‘Why is V-Nasty saying the N-Word?’ You muthafuckas have never walked in my shoes, bruh. Am I offending people or using it in a disrespectful type of way?”

While he doesn’t support V-Nasty’s use of the word, MGK did his best to walk in her shoes.

“I used to get jumped a lot and I wasn’t dropping any type of N-word,” he revealed. “I can’t really speak on anyone else’s situation. I don’t know [V-Nasty]. I know a lot of people who do use it. They just grew up in that type of shit where I guess it was cool.” —Carl Chery with reporting by Amber Mckynzie

Stay tuned to on Wednesday, August 10 to see MGK’s 10 Cracker Commandments.

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  • Autumn

    I am white and I will not use that word. Just because someone grew up around black people that kicked their ass or whatever doesnt give them the right to say that dumb shit either. I wish there was a better word to insult white people cuz I grew up around a bunch of crappy white people.

  • dutchmaster

    i can’t SHAKE my head any more

    and if WE don’t say something, then they will think its ok

  • JT

    that sounds a lil racist there dutchmaster. If WE dont say something, THEY wil think its ok…were all the same black or white…No one should use the offensive word!! dont matter the color of your skin..when ur talkin them and us stuff, it just seperates us all even more!!

    • $yk


      the separation has been defined way before us…no matter how we think and want to erase the line in the sand, the line is actually embedded in the foundation.

      Did you hear the “tar baby” label last week? That’s an old slur. Believe it or not, Negro is an old slur too. There are plenty of slurs beyond the one, and if we take the foot off any of them, you allow usage of all of them.

      These little girls are playing with fire, and many of the homies agree.

      • thinker

        he didnt say to take the foot off using the N word. he clearly said “No one should use the offensive word!!”

        I don’t know whats wrong with yall. Using the word SHOULDNT be tolerated by ANY race. ESPECIALLY black ppl!

  • Devin

    Man look, I’m black and it wouldn’t offend me if Eminem used nigga in one of his songs. But I have a major problem with that white girl mob, v-nasty and all them using it. Fuck white girl mob and v nasty, that shit is a circus act, get the fuck outta here with that man.

    • skinobemo

      we just on some different shit out here in san fran that’s all. it ain’t that box your used to seeing and being in. its free. eat som acid and molly and go to the club for some womp womp and you will get it. go dumb sucka. i love these girls they are swagged the fuck out. cuz they’re just being them free and reppin the bay. and we’re cool as hell out here. peace.

      • #RealTalk#101

        my dude, cum on now, its a gimmick…dey can’t even freestyle to call demselves REAL MCs, bruh….On top of dat, its one thing usin’ it around ur peers, dats kool, cuz its UR PEOPLES…but goin public wit it, thinkin’ otha folks mite noT get offended, its bold….dat is not how we do it on da West…but U think dere image is dope, aigh, I think Kreayshawn is kool…her get up reminds me of da 80s…Oh yea, one more thang. Why do she call herself Kreayshawn? when her real name is Natassi or sum ish like dat…I prefer dat more den anything…cuz to me its more REAL..kreayshaw (da name) is more made up, bruh, I could go on & on…by next year or da end of dis year….U aint hearin shyt about dem anymore anwayz….ryde dat shine ’til dey turn off da lites…I feel ol’ boy MGK, he know wat it is…

      • Vito

        I dont even have to say “come to Brooklyn with that shit” because Im already knowing that V-Nasty broad wouldnt “nigga this and nigga that” here. Not “here”. This another planet here in Brooklyn and the rest of the world know it. It just wouldnt happen. V-Nasty aint cut like that.
        V-Nasty would get dragged through the alley and end up in a trash bin with a photo of Malcolm X shoved in the gaping hole in her neck if she did that shit here,she know it, you do too…..deep down. Course she’ll say it around some clowns in some studio who tolerate it or in a whip with her comrades or on a streaming video but that bitch aint bad like that. Fuckouttahere with that.

  • Devin

    Man look, I’m black and it wouldn’t offend me if Eminem used nigga in one of his songs. But I have a major problem with that white girl mob, v-nasty and all them using it. Fuck white girl mob and v nasty, that shit is a circus act, get the fuck outta here with that man.


    who da fuck iz diz whitz trashz wigga

  • JT DEvin

    Devin you a straight bitch if EM use that shit id try a kick a pound of blood out his bitch ass, how the fuck is it okay for his ass and not her’s, the bitch been around niggas more then him id fuck both of’em up!!!! JT you a bitch too must be one of them ivy league NIGGA’S how you get offended when a NIGGA call you a NIGGA is some I wish I was a whiteboy ass wanna be shit!!! NIGGA kill yourself!!! Uppity ass NIGGA’S so concered about how hillbilly’s feel about them, and how they present they self in front of them, guess what be the most proper NIGGA you can and guess what, youll still be to them a motherfuckin NIGGA, weak ass NIGGA’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yours truly a motherfuckin NIGGA

    • rachae

      See, it’s people like YOU that make this little white girl think it is ok. You are seriously one of the reasons there are still so many people saying the word, and I mean IN A RACIST WAY. That girl doesn’t mean that word NO MORE racist then u did. Why would a black person let ANYONE call them that? The word has came from such a horrible background for black people. You saying we can say u can’t, is racist RIGHT THERE. You can’t be mad at white people being racist shit but YOU CAN! What people like u and really racist white people don’t get is that like my daughter there are SOOO MANY mixed children. How can they possibly feel good about who they are, you got white people talking crazy and black, and black talking crazy about white. I don’t give a shit, it should not be said, and what’s so crazy is the word wouldn’t even be thought of as much to use against people in a negative way, if it weren’t for the black people using it in songs, movies, talking to there friends. You will let another black person, who IF ANYBODY should have respect for your race they should, call u that..but not a white girl. She has mixed kids, she doesn’t mean it racist. NOT that I think it’s okay, but it either needs to be acceptable to everyone to be able to say it in way like you would say dude, or THE BEST IDEA, nix the word all together. It’s crazy to me that lil wayne can say cracker in a milli..THAT SHIT AIN’T ALL OVER EVERY PAGE THAT HE’S BEEN DISCUSSED. Why because we know he isnt racist! What’s really sad to me is no I don’t think the girl should use the word, but the problem is because she is white and because of white people did to blacks. BUT that chick would be right there MARCHING for black people’s rights. There are still so many racist people to use all that anger against, she’s on uall’s damn team!

  • Technique

    “I know a lot of people who do use it. They just grew up in that type of shit where I guess it was cool.”

    I’m just sayin, I know alot of dudes who let their white homies say the shit when they’re all kickin it. Not everyone is as offended when a white cat says it as they used to be. Especially the younger generation..

  • $yk

    c’mon nessa/moderators…

    i saw when it went to limbo…liberate that comment…just talking to the people about real stuff

  • Dave G

    need beats that make your rear view mirror vibrate

    go to

  • mbs

    bottom line: V nasty is a talentless moron.

  • todd

    i saw a vlog with this kid saying nigga and then breaking it down to the camera like for all those people on myspace that are going to comment i say this because of this and my friends are this. and now diddy shut that shit off. fuck being a yes man that’s why i love these girls for staying trill and that’s why they’re a hit. they’re music and style dope as hell. its that 415 you don’t like it? you have to, it’s so original. i tried to find that video today and i think they took it down. lol. wtf stand up for what your about. equal rights is what i’m sayin. and ya that’s not on kreyshawn either so before you haters try to mess her steez up recognize that.

    • ya buddy

      we just free and open and together out here in cali for someone pure in heart towards race like v nasty its chill but for someone insecure bitter and racist and trying to be better than somebody else to say they can say something they can’t, even when its not used hatefully. its different. that’s why with art everybody has a different perception based upon what’s inside them. peace and love.

  • Will Moebucks

    I don’t like her overall mannerisms, her using the N-word is the least of my problems wit her. It’s like a modern-day Blackface.

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    i’m sorry but what the FUCK is a machine gun kelly? smdh

  • M R

    he got jumped alot cuz he look like a toothpick

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  • Veexxx

    he sounds bitch made

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