After coming out of an extended hiatus, it seems nothing can keep Lauryn Hill off the stage these days, not even a new baby.

The singer/rapper performed a show at the LA Rising Festival on Saturday (July 30), just a week after giving birth to her sixth child, reports the U.K.'s Daily Mail. Sporting a blue jacket, a lace bandeau, a high-waisted skirt and white eyelet thigh-high boots, the 36-year-old performed new and old material before a slew of concert-goers.

Hill recently penned an open letter to her fans addressing speculations that her longtime partner and father of her five other children, Rohan Marley — who is rumored to be dating Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana —isn't the father of her latest addition. The letter read:

Greetings faithful fans and friends,

Coming back home after several months of extensive reconnecting with supporters and music lovers. We thank you for your continued appreciation. The majority of these dates were planned in advance of me knowing about the continued growth of my family (wink, wink). There were some shows that we started late. We apologize and thank you for your patience. That said, I can't wait to re-engage with you and give you a musical experience worth coming back for. Let's do it real soon.

With affection,

Ms. Hill

Although the former Fugees frontwoman didn't exactly deny Marley is the father of the child, recent tweets by her baby-daddy have sent mixed signals. Not to mention Ms. Hill allegedly named her newest son Marley, which would mean, if he is indeed a Marley baby, his name would be Marley Marley.

During a Twitter chat with a reporter from the Houston Chronicle a couple of months ago, Marley tweeted, "2 things... I'm not married and I don't have anyone expecting anything." Prompted by his post, the journalist then asked, "So we are clear. 1.) You're not married to your ex-wife or Lauryn, and 2.) She isn't preggo w/your child, but someone else's?" To which Marley said, "That is correct until I say out of my mouth to the contrary."

Just last weekend, he tweeted, "I'm forwarding all well wishes to Ms Hill on the birth of her new son. I'm sure she'll appreciate the love being sent to her," not taking ownership of fathering the child once again.—Mariel Concepcion