Jay-Z, Kanye West Preview Watch the Throne During Star-Studded Event

According to the gossip, Jay-Z and Kanye West are beefing over how grandiose their forthcoming Watch the Throne tour will be.

If their album listening on Monday (August 1) is any indication, however, to quote Jay-Z, “Money Ain’t a Thang.”

The pair hosted a decadent WTT event at the Hayden Planetarium in Manhattan, replete with a top shelf open bar, high-ranking executives and (literally) a star-filled main event.

“The Throne,”  as Jay and ‘Ye have dubbed themselves, didn’t perform, but both were present during the listening; Kanye for multiple sessions, while Hov exited after the first. Guest filed into the venue’s 400-seat capacity planetarium and the album was played in tune to a digital display of supernovas, colliding planets and burning white stars.

The streets-approved “Otis” boomed from the gargantuan speakers brought in to enhance the audio experience. Guests were asked to check their smart phones and/or computers and a few media members struggled to jot down song titles (“Niggas In Paris,” “Made it in America,” featuring Frank Ocean and “Life Off” featuring Beyoncé, were among those that garnered instant feedback). The album’s contributors were also in the building to support, including producers Q-Tip and Hit-Boy, in addition to B, who joined the God MC. Executives from Def Jam, Roc Nation and Jay’s business partners (Steve Stoute) were also on hand.

After playing the album multiple times, West didn’t have much to say, letting the project (heavier on the political and society tip than most of his work) speak for itself.

“Thanks for coming out, good night,” he told the crowd, before he left, smiling and looking satisfied with his and Jay’s accomplishment. —Jayson Rodriguez

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  • http://ghrap.com illbig

    so r they puttin in 50 50 for the tour or what?i smell that jay is so rich dat he is mentioning figures out of order

  • 91&^uP

    Did this article really call Jay-z the “God MC”?

    I believe that title is reserved for non other than Mr. Rakim.

  • Nocturnal

    Ummm Hello… Jay Hova… Hova the god…. he been saying that… Rakim who? Dont get me wrong Rakim was the man…BACK THEN….

    • Jack Tripper

      “Rakim who? Dont get me wrong Rakim was the man…BACK THEN….”

      And he’s still the man. Ask Jay, he don’t want it with Rakim. He dropped a Disk last year that was tighter than most of the shit that dropped. You must be one of these new school funny style-ass negros.

  • Yeezy’s Boo

    LOL umm clearly you aren’t familiar with Yeezy if you think his prior albums are light on political/social commentary (as you have heavily implied); try listening to College Dropout and Late Registration and get back to me.

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