Jay-Z, Kanye West Debut at No. 1 on Charts With 436K in Sales

After Jay-Z and Kanye West broke iTunes records, the two officially debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Top 200 albums charts today (August 16), with their collaborative effort Watch The Throne.

The duo, known as The Throne, sold 436,000 copies in their first week, according to the Nielsen SoundScan report released today. This is Jay’s 12th No. 1 album, and Kanye’s fifth.

We The Best signee Ace Hood’s album, Blood, Sweat & Tears was the other hip-hop debut in the top 10 this week, selling 26,200 copies.

Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame landed on the No. 21 spot in their first week, with their CD 1017 Bricksquad Presents: Ferrari Boyz, moving 16,700 units. A few spots below the ATL MCs is Royce da 5’9’’, whose solo album, Success is Certain sold 15,900 copies to land at No. 25 on the charts.

On the other hand, Royce’s collaborative album with Eminem climbed three spots this week to No. 11. After nine weeks, the duo, known as Bad Meets Evil, sold 23,300 copies of their EP, Hell:The Sequel.

Big Sean is the last hip-hop act in the Top 40, with his Finally Famous album climbing up a spot to No. 40 by selling 10,900 CDs in his seventh week.

This is also the first week that YMCMB’s first lady Nicki Minaj has not been in the Top 40, after her debut album, Pink Friday fell ten spots to No. 42.

Check back next week to find out if The Cool Kids’s When Fish Ride Bicycles will make it onto the charts. —Martin Spasov

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  • jimmyjam33

    thts pretty shit for the throne considering the hype and how awesome the album was. turns out not leaking an album ddnt do shit, ppl still illegally downloaded it. success is certain did pretty well, specially considering its his worst album by far. being a clone ofeminem is not a good thing, someone need to tell royce tht.

    • $yk

      ^ ???…

      WTT BARELY had promo, ‘Otis’ dropped out of the blue and was dissed, WTT was supposed to be a throwaway EP, no one knew when it was being released until a month and a half ago, and it STILL flipped almost a half a milli. ‘Hustle Hard’ is an anthem song that gets regular spins, and Ace only sold under 27k.

      And the indie stores just got WTT…IMO Royce should’ve waited until the Em collab died out

      • jimmyjam33

        it ddnt need any promo, it wasbuzzin like shit by itself, twitter, facebook and everything was going crazy for ages before it dropped.

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    -AHAHAHAHAHA -Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame-”Bricksquad” caught a brick!!!! I wonder who the 16,700 dumb, deaf and blind recipients were?

  • ra

    Bricksquad run the streets in the south……industry albums just to fill the contract…just like e-40. case closed

  • MAKAVELI1671

    Watch the throne is the wackest shit Jay & Kanye have ever released & I say that as a huge Jay & Kanye fan. This album doesn’t even compare with either of the two last albums. BP3 & DTF are classics & they followed those upo with this bullshit WTT? Hip Hop is dying…..FAST!

  • TMoney716

    To those ignorant peons above me who have absolutely no idea about hip hop, it might be wack, but at least it’s alot better than then most of the bullshit out there on the charts. so what yeezy and hov sold 436k? that goes to show you that alot of fans were waiting on a joint album like this to come out. and as far as sales go, 436k is pretty good considering this new digital age we live in. don’t forget, hardly anyone buys cd’s anymore. remember eminem’s albums recovery and relapse? they sold about 300k to about 500k the first week. It took a couple months, but GRADUALLY they both went platinum and triple platinum. so who knows? maybe watch the throne will go gold in the next couple weeks. this is jay and kayne we’re talking about, two of the biggest powerhouses in hip hop right now.

    • Rob

      Actually relaspe sold 608k its first week. Recovery sold 741. Googl it and get your facts straight before you sound ignorant.

      WTT sales were okay still not a fan of the album

  • f jay and yea both sound gay

    No promo where u been that all these sites been talking about for a year. Plus everyone knows that def jam buys there first week albums to help boost popularity .if you don’t know that you don’t know crap about hip hop.aside of all that I’ve been listening to jay since 92. I believe that boy done fell and hit his head cuz his shit is wackkkkkkkkkk. Yeezy is overrated now way over rated. I tried listening to that album. Sux.sux. Sux. 2 Songs tops .can any say weed plate. Hip hop is dying cuz people don’t know crap about it. Suburbanites rolling all hard on 24 pounding acting tuff ( ala Rick Ross) sucking down x pills throwing up sets .phony.phony .phony.and now hip hop is dictated by 12-15 year olds who don’t know crap about life a struggle turning something to nothin’ . All they want is a beat to act hard to and lyrics that say nothing. R.I.P hip hop. Boy I miss the old school days.kurtis blow Africa bambbatta slick Rick juice crew. Boogie down Bronx .run dmc.public enemy.n.w.a and.b.i.g and my all time greatest tupac “makaveli”shakur.those were artist who dictated what this game was suppose to be.now if your the biggest fakest bullshiting artist alive your hot.fake ass drake Disney channel fag.lil weezy fakeass gangbanger.rick Ross fake everything .game fake blood no crips ever been touched by him. Guess its kool to be fake. And that’s why hip hop is dying .and if u don’t know now u know nicca

    • jimmyjam33

      we dnt know hip hop.. thts from the mouth of a white suburban kid.

  • http://detroitrap.com FRED


    • Sebast

      em sold only 16000 on his comb didn’t even make the billboard list # 78 unbelievable and they maid this guy king of HIPHOP for some tweet and fake sales in an unknown WHSE – when jay z has 12 plus #1 albums then anyone, em only have 4 #1 album so who’s the fake king -you can’t be king because some hate tea party Meg rolling stone said so without an vote who has the most #1 albums