It appears Kanye West and big brother Jay-Z might be engaging in a little brotherly quarreling.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, the rappers — who are dropping their collaborative album, Watch the Throne, on Aug. 8 via iTunes and four days later everywhere else under the group name, The Throne — are hardly speaking to each other due to disagreements about their upcoming tour in support of the highly-touted project.

A source tells the paper that West wants a flashy and very costly production for the fall trek, which would cost more than $400,000 per show. Jay is said to want to keep things toned down, mainly due to a long-term advance from Live Nation that he has to pay back.

"Jay-Z can't deal with Kanye," an anonymous source told Page Six. "Jay is a stone-cold businessman. He wants to recoup all of his money from Live Nation. But Kanye wants to upstage rock stars with a blowout show. He doesn't care about costs. He has a lot less to gain from the shows."

'Ye and Hov are expected to come to an agreement on the conditions of the tour next week, but it seems the dispute is causing distance in their relationship behind closed doors. In fact, the paper reports that some industry folks found it odd that Jay and Kanye appeared in Young Jeezy's show last Monday in New York separately. "We were expecting them to come out together to perform a track from the album," an insider said. "They didn't even go out together after the show."

"Jay-Z is fed up with West's antics," another source added. "He doesn't even want to be around him." Still, the two are expected to host a listening party tonight (Aug. 1) at The Rose Planetarium in Central Park.

When the NYP reached out to Live Nation for a comment about the matter, a rep said, "No comment." The rappers' reps didn't get back to them either.

Live Nation's pre-sale event on Thursday was delayed, but tickets for the tour are slated to go on sale today, with shows at the IZOD Center September 27 and 28. —Mariel Concepcion