Stop the presses. Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter and Beyoncé Knowles are expecting their first child and this time it's not a rumor.

Beyoncé, who took the MTV Video Music Awards stage unusually clothed from head to toe, ended her performance of "Love on Top" by unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a small baby bump. The R&B singer briefly rubbed her belly and broke into laughter to the VMA crowd's delight.

The cameras quickly cut away to a beaming Jay-Z, Beyoncé's husband of three years, as Kanye West cheered him on. Lady Gaga celebrated by jumping up and down right behind Yeezy. Typically stoic, Hov momentarily restrained his excitement before giving into the moment. The Jigga Man smiled and clapped—appearing content that the superstar couple was able to break B's pregnancy news on their own terms. Jay and B have been persecuted with pregnancy rumors for years.

Stay tuned for more VMA coverage—XXL Staff