Jadakiss Doesn’t Want to be Involved in Lil Wayne/Jay-Z Beef, Birdman Does

The Internets went ablaze yesterday (August 24) over the premature leak of Lil Wayne’s long-awaited album, Tha Carter IV, and more specifically, over “It’s Good,” Weezy’s song with Jadakiss and Drake, where he takes shots at Jay-Z. In fact, following the song’s proliferation over the web on Wednesday, five out of 10 trending topics on Twitter nationwide were Wayne related.

As previously reported, on the song, Wayne seems to be responding to Jay’s subliminal jabs towards Cash Money co-founder and Weezy’s step father, Bryan “Baby” Williams on the Watch the Throne bonus cut, “H*A*M.”

I’m like really half a billi, nigga/Really you got baby money/Keep it real with niggas/Niggas ain’t got my lady money,” Jay rapped.

Firing back on “It’s Good,” the New Orleans native spit: “Talkin’ ’bout baby money, I got your baby money/Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘How much you love your lady?’ money.

Quickly following the track’s leak, Birdman took to Twitter to continue the feud. “YMCMB.I got ur BABY MONEY$$$$$,” he typed. “We Tha Busine$$.#dont Lie (sic). BMJR. Tha Besteva. Watch us Ball (sic).”

Jadakiss, on the other hand, took to the social networking site to express that he had no idea that Wayne would be dissing Jay on the song and that he wants no part of any beef.

“Yall hating ass cocksuckers better chill,” he wrote, “they only sent me a track wit NO verses and I recorded that verse 3 months ago! #leavemeoutofit (sic)”

“When I DISS niggas or have a problem Wit ANY RAPPER I SAY THere NAMES without hesitation and YALL know this already (sic),” he continued.

Drake has yet to speak on the song and when reached by XXL, Jay-Z’s reps refused to comment.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for more on Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. —Elan Mancini

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  • Spirit Equality

    You forgot to put a “(sic)” where Jada used “there” when he meant to use “their”. Copy editing fail. Holla at me, I’ll copy edit for you. Ha.

  • A.R. Knight

    perception is mu smh

  • alderman j

    Jay wont say nothing back!! Nigga always been SOFT, he dont want nothing wit WAYNE!! Although im sure if he wasnt such a house nigga he could probably serve WAYNE, but JAY scared!! He aint gone say nothing back!!!I DONT PERCIEVE, I RECEIVE!

    • wwm

      you do realize you’re talking about the man who wrote the takeover right? jay’s proven his ability to come at cats. jay can easily buy and sell wayne multiple times over. there’s really no contest here. wayne might have some car’s, but his broke ass daddy birdman’s name is on the title.

      either way this won’t go anywhere. and it shouldn’t. they should both focus on their albums. hip hop doesn’t need it’s top artists beefing.

      • sc

        Thank you for clearing it up. People have to understand Jay has never had to respond to these Lil niggas no pun intended.

      • $yk

        and here we go…you would think Jigga’s money wrote them raps the way y’all watch his pockets…A. Samuel has more money than Jay and he just did a cool rap video, why y’all ain’t jocking him?

        and ‘Ether’ came AFTER ‘Takeover’…whatever people say about truths/lies, ‘Ether’ hurt Jay. Jigga admitted defeat in ‘Blueprint 2′ if you where REALLY listening beyond the shots…and Nas killed the beef with ‘Last Real N!gga Alive’, he explained the whole game and the politics of it…

        Jay ain’t call a rapper’s name out since…if I’m wrong PLEASE provide the proof with browser links…

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    its about time we get jay out the game..he is old and SOFT..he too hollywood…lets keep hip hop for the streets..weezy..kill this fool..

    • http://xxlmag HugoStiglitz

      so niggas kissing another man is real to you?

      • kidnothing1

        LIL WAYNE??? ABOUT THE STREETS??? If you believe hes a gangsta then you don’t know real. ANYONE will tell u

      • Tha Truth

        im jus sayin..jay think he untouchable, but he needs to get checked hard…he think he the president of hiphop or something..just sayin we need a new fresh leader..someone who better represents..camel face needs to go alredy..

    • JugularKill

      Lil Wayne is from the streets? like dealing? LOOOOOOOOOL

      At what age would he have to be a drug dealer he was rapping at 16.. He met baby at 11. fuck outta here!

      Jay-Z on the other hand was a real drug dealer, it’s all been backed up not just by words and verses.

      Yes now he’s hollywood. If you’re a black man with money what the fuck are you doing in the ghetto,,, that’s some retarded shit right there.

      • Gettndatgwap

        talk to um!!

  • the real jay

    them fools really don’t have jay z or bey money. instead of dissin jay, wayne should be lookin into his financial situation at cash money records. i bet he ain’t paid. as far as the diss song goes muthafuckas need to hold bitch ass niggas accountable for shit like this. too many fake niggas comin out they mouth side ways and not gettin they head busted. fuck y’all tight jeans wearing, pill poppin, sexual identity confused punks.

  • Bjosly3

    Yea because Wayne is so hard. We are talking about the same guy that needed B.G. to keep all the real thugs away from him. Jay-Z is fake, but Wayne is just as fake.

  • brand-new

    what does “sic” mean??? anybody??

    • XXL WACK

      Ayee it means thats exactly what they said, so if there be spelling mistakes they put the (sic) to show that was exactly what was wrote. dunno where it comes from but thats what it does

  • http://iyaraboy.blogspot.com j1o

    i think dese niggaz should focus on giving us good hip hop song dan beefing dem selves rite now……aiiite?


    Why would he respond, he would only be helping out Wayne.Jay said it himself, “its a lose,lose situation. If I respond to a diss and kill em,people say Jay you wrong for doin him like that.If another rapper disses me and I respond and he gets the best of me I lost again,so Im only helping his situation.”

  • Jraa

    well talking about the jay z diss jay dissed him because (baby) birdman was saying he has more money and all that. i think the beef could be good for hip hop if they both capitalize but if its just a publicity stunt shouldnt even be worth talking about

  • fuckyall

    fuck both of them jay anit been j since the black album and babys cock blower cant mc to save his life.

  • eastsidemda

    hov shouldnt have said nothin aint nobody talkin bout him he started it but wayne gets all da hate just sayin

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/hollamann vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    niggas still cant find a way to get to sales up with out beefin?…#industryfail on both parts…..you nigas don’t see game when it’s being played…Jigga and Wayne beefin?…stopit5! #publicityfail

    • $yk

      * applause *

  • Jayshaad

    remember when The Game tried to diss jay z? now that nigga is damn near irrelevant in the music world hahahah

  • Tony V

    Wayne’s verse is way wackier than Jay-z’s verse. Well with lyrics we already know who won.

  • St Claude Ave.

    1st off, Wayne is no gangsta, let’s clear the air on that. I’m from the 9th ward and whoodie is not cut like that. He got 1/2 of a line off, good for him, but in all honesty Jay would murk him. See, I’ve seen Jay dig up past indiscretions on folk and make them look like broads, Wayne has a few bichassness moves in him to be really about beef. He got off a shot, but he can’t survive an onslaught. Maybe he is depending on Drake to come to the rescue….but Drake is soft as wet tissue paper….


    If anything Jay-Z started it and if I was Wayne I’d damn sure finish it like Nas on that “Ether”. But other than that to me it’s just music, their job is to entertain us.

    • $yk

      Baby was on Tim Westwood yapping…Jay went on Westwood and shot back

  • zherow

    Jay should respond. I am getting tired of this “I am too famous” or “I lose no matter what I do” b.s. that has been going on. If B.O.B. can stare a diss in the face and respond, then what is Jay’s excuse? That just makes him sound scared and full of excuses. After Ether, all he has done are subliminal disses, which makes him seem even MORE scared. I just say crush Wayne, ‘fess up to Dear Summer, and shut Beanie up… Unless he is just scared, in which case, just say so; you are still going to bed with Beyonce and selling out concerts anyway you cut it

  • Tru Talk

    lol at THA TRUTH sayin Wayne for the Streets lmao he used to be on the first two carters but now he is a “rock star” “skateboarder” “Vans skiiny Jean wearin” “blood”(which we all know he isn’t….

  • anutha_level

    jay ain’t thinkin about these scab ass niccas….

    • Aaron

      preach!..lil wayne and his ghost writer are both wack……!

  • RealNigga

    Personally I lean more to say fuck both of them, seeing that Wayne went flip-flop on his TRUE fans and Jay ain’t been that elite spittin Jay since The Black Album (although I did like American Gangster) But at the same time I get tired of seeing these niggas ride Jay’s nuts for shit he did in the past…..At this point in his career, goin at Weezy (who IS Hip-Hop’s biggest artist right now, Hate em OR Love em) could be good for Jay……If he could actually outspit him……which I really doubt…..Jay useda be ahead of the curve, now that curve done passed him and left him just another rapper……by the way Kanye outshined him all through Watch The Throne…..

  • green

    its over jay 1996-2011 the end watch the throne dope as fuck!
    the carter 4 weak as fuck
    but still waune will get the win
    hiphop is just dead like that
    plus jay has been shook for a min

  • the saucy sauce

    it’s funny these so called “hip hop heads” even think there’s a beef between jay z and lil wayne. these idiots getting worked up over some corny ass lines wayne said. kidnap your lady? yea ok you grown ass blood. what’s even funnier, wayne borrowed a line from jay in his megaman song. NOBODY IS SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. “told the judge i couldn’t budge, it was him or me.” lil bafoonchi clearly borrowed that from jay’s song lucky me. hell, he probably has that line tattooed on his leg or dick or gooch. so before you dumbasses say i’m with team jay & kanye or i’m with team wayne & drake; think about how much more album sales you made these guys by talking shit about nothing.

  • JugularKill

    Jay-z said it best:

    “If you put crabs in a barrell to ensure your survival, you gon end up pulling down niggas that look just like you.”

    Don’t be fooled. Lil wayne is 29 next month (older than me),

    he doesn’t have the mentality of a man.

    His whole verse was about Jay, I feel sorry for him, so much money & fame and he has a complex about his worth.

    Not paying taxes & not paying producers?…..Nigga u rich just be real ur worth about a 7th of what Jay-z is worth, better than nothing.

  • Aaron

    yo jada….that dude did you dirty!……its ok we know you do not need a dude to be on a song when you are getting at him!…wayne verse was corny! why dont he pay you to write his verse!…I am just saying

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Its too much to lol about in this article and comments.

    1. u can never test a man gangsta. its not about a man’s clothes where he from or what he’s done in the past. Gangstas die everyday. with that said wayne ain’t never battled anybody. tats getting drunk smoking and yellin blood lango don’t make u hard.

    2. jayz is consistent. one of the dopest lines on wtt is “i invented swag. the line is simple but str8 fact. In fact, lil wayne entire swag flow style was jacked from sean carter. what rapper was naming albums vol1 to vol3 before jay? jay has battled before he had a deal. jay don’t gotta prove his worth. besides nas who in jayz class?

    3. Jay called names on bp3 and addressed beans on wtt. battlin is relevant in hip hop not beef.

    4. birdman is an id 10 T. dude will be bankrupt. wayne is his golden goose. Trust. drake and manija would jump ship. prob will…futhermore, these dudes dont pay taxes or producers and use mad ghost writers who they pay to be quiet.

    5. i think drake sneaked diss wayne on the same joint by detailing his jail stay. (he showed he ghost writes for the dude).

  • http://mcmarlond.bandcamp.com MD

    hey fuckers. I dont care how much Jay-Z has accomplished, or the money he has. This is hip-hop. He needs to respond. Even if it is a subliminal shot. He needs to destroy this guy man….and all you guys saying YMCMB…you guys are fuckin wack


    REAL TALK i heard that nigga weezy got hands…i dont care whos tha better rapper they both pretty good, but i heard “IN REAL LIFE” this nigga can throw hands.

  • Stylistic

    We REALLY need to kill this whole, “he’s too old to rap bullshit” rapping is not a physical sport, how the fuck is anyone too old to recite poetry, and how are new emcees better then emcees that have been doing it 20-25+ years! Lil Wayne is outrageously overrated, and somebody who could easily be bodied by the right emcee! How could people say he’s nice, his lyrics at best are above average and that’s being nice! Jay tore up Nas, who is lightyears better than Wayne lyrically on takeover before he lost the battle when ether was released, and he would destroy Wayne in a battle. Wayne’s not a battle rapper, and when he attempts it his disses are weak as fuck! As for Birdman, pfff why get into it, his fanbase is as small as Jermaine Dupri’s!

  • No Name

    Jay wasn’t talking directly to Baby on that track. And I think Wayne knows that. Plus I don’t think Jay’s biggest dick-rider (Drake) and one of his biggest artist (Jada) would jump on a song remotely involving a Hov diss. People are blowing this outta proportion as usual.

  • fu out the N.O.

    for all you wayne haters out there that have doubt on his street credibility. that young man did his dirt and yes he sold drugs at a young age. who didnt in new orleans everybody had some type of hustle down there. but the fuck thing about all the bloggers, when a person says something about their life they tend to put it in their own perception(bloggers). have you ever thought he might have been a dime and twenty ass hustler or he could have had the work. but for a new orleans native i know one thing for sure them boys been getting it in. its now going on twenty-one years cash money been in the game. Can we all say longevity. So please stop hating on the fellas i think they’re handling business.

  • justice

    i fell so sorry for Jay..that in 2011 his only competition…is these (lil) niggas…Jay is a living legend…and he gotta battle ..Lil Wayne?…this kid name his last 4 album after jay…stole his whole stlye from Dip-set&the clipse..trust me battling JAY Z will be the end of his career…thanks Jay.

    p.s did Wale say:…his album was as good as reasonable doubt?….these niggas are losing there mind!

    • Realnigga

      if u dont know what you talking bout…..please shut the fuck up…….anybody with any knowledge of THA CARTER series knows it’s named after Tha Carter Building from NEW JACK CITY…..making Lil Wayne metaphorically Nino Brown of Tha Carter…..and Jay is a living legend, but his last 3 albums have been WAY less than legendary……I’d take Tha Carter 1 Or 2 over any of them……and Watch The Throne was carried by Kanye…..who in my opinion is the Best Rapper Alive right now……either him or Andre 3000……wake up drone, Jay’s best music is all behind him but he’s still capable of above average music

  • Sean Izzle

    Im excited, Bad way and Good way. two brothers, they made a whole lotta music together. Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Let’s see what that nigga Jigga gonna respond with.

    the MTV VMAs is coming up in a few days, peoples need to know shit is gonna get wild

  • Justice


    …….anybody with any knowledge of THA CARTER series knows it’s named after Tha Carter Building from NEW JACK CITY…..making Lil Wayne metaphorically Nino Brown of Tha Carter…..(still lol @ this shit!)


    Kingdom Come American Gangster The Blueprint 3 vs tha Carter …1..2&3….(still lmbao on this too…)

    #keepthejokescoming…”realnigga”…still lol

  • bylaw99

    I’m trying to understand why is it that when Jay lost to Nas or rather got ETHERED, all of a sudden he’s too big to battle rappers..So now Jays the mesiah of hiphop and determines what direction hiphop goes..he’s not above the culture, hiphop was built on beef and battling but since his pockets are big erything else is beneath him..GTFOH..nigga if you’re the king then defend the crown or give to somebody who has no problem dismantling his competition. I’m no wayne fan but competition is competition…KRS said best..battling is what hiphop is. Jay is hip-pop!

  • massive

    all jay z lovers need some reality check cuz jay make his money mostley on his clothing line and WEZZY IN THE HAND MAKE HIS MONEY IN MUSIK…..c4 is going to sell more the watch the throne by way that album sux if it wasnt for kayne west ……

    • jakehovD

      wtf you on kid, jay makes money off his clothin??? he owns rocafella, is the president of def jam, has 12 no.1 albums which people are still buyin, he also owns 40/40 which makse shit loads, he owns part of the the new jersey nets and owns fuck loads more, that’s not just his clothin line hater, kiss my arse, fuck the haters!!

  • The Real B. Wizz

    011 9:52 pm

    “12 Number one albums ,who better than me? Only the Beattles…..” Jay-Z……Lil Wayne has a long way to go. #Fact.
    “I’m like really, half a billi? Nigga you got Baby money. Keep it real with niggas, you niggas aint got my lady’s money.” Jay Z in response to Baby saying in a article that Lil Wayne has more money than Jay-Z. This is really Baby’s beef. He is still salty that he did The Best of Both Worlds Album with R. Kelly that wasn’t released because Def Jam, not Jay-Z, beat him to it and released the Best of Both Worlds 2 with Jay and Kellz. Which was garbage btw because it was the leftovers from the first session. But Def Jam and Jive invested a lot of money in that 1st album and wanted to recoup. It would have made a lot of money but Kellz fuck it off with his legal troubles. Thus spawning the verse in American Gangster…”Even if I fail/fell I’ll land on a bunch of money”….Now most of yall will think I’m a Jay stan…I’m just stating facts…listen to the music or google it. Jay may not be the best rapper in most people eyes, but numbers don’t lie. The fact is as a rapper I like Wayne. But its a picture on the ‘net of him kissing Baby. Not cool. He calls Baby, daddy? Not cool. He sips syrup? Not cool. He is a Blood after Mack 10 brought that life style to Cash Money? Not cool. He has how many number 1 albums? I think its a lot of rappers that is lyrically better than Jay-Z. Nas being one of them. But does that make hm better? No. To be the best you have to lead or be close in a lot of areas. In the mixtape arena I say Wayne is/was King. He hasn’t delivered a decent one in a while. Sorry for the Wait flamed out after a week. Now Wayne has clever metaphors and nice punch lines…but just like yall say all Jay raps about is money? What rapper on top doesn’t? They all do. Even Wayne. But don’t you think hearing Weezy F. Baby and the F is for……. is played by now? Ehhh? All the Blood/Piru references is played knowing that if you do your research that he is not that. Baby either. Look at the videos. He once wore blue rags in his video. Wayne is more relevant to today’s average rap fan because all the mixtapes he drops. No substance. Even when he tries to drop a song with substance, its average at best. Now in saying that. He is a genius cuz he knows his audience. Syrup drinking, kush smoking, pill poppin, oh I’m a Blood too crowd got money too. So why not front to get it. But to compare cat to a rapper that has way more than you is ridiculous. He’s the right now hot rapper. Honestly, can you see Wayne rapping his hit songs at age 40? 45? 50 even? Jay raps in story form and could go on to perform in Vegas some day ,every night. Whats next? The Carter V from the Self Proclaimed Grown Blood? Like Jay said. Do you fools listen to music or do you just scheme through it? Jay spits game. Weezy has good punch lines talking about “shit”. Wayne is entertaining to me when I’m high or drunk. And to be honest, I didn’t even like Watch The Throne until I got past the beats and my own expectations and actually listened to it. I must say. Classic Album. Some real life, braggadocious, money talking, relationship with unborn kids/women, love for old label mates, a song for black history (Coretta Scott King). Does Kanye outshine Jay on alot of songs? Yes. But as a business man, I don’t think Jay mind that money he getting on there. But imo, Kanye outshine alot of people when he flows. To say that Jay is washed up is hogwash and opinions. He 42 going on 43 and still doing it. Who else is 42 and is on 106 and Park? A children’s program. Going against 13 year olds in Mindless Behavior. When Wayne is 42 and still relevant, holla at me. peace…oh and let the hate begin. lol

  • Getem

    Jada is straight Pussy…
    everyone knows u didn’t take any shots at Jay.. so why the fuck u being all paranoid ‘n’ sh*t… oh yeah, thats ryt.. coz u kno if u where beefing wit Jay.. Hov wud make you “Kiss ur Career Goodbye” Lmao!!

  • jakehovD

    jay will always tower over weezy, i like weezy, c3 is better than any of his other stuff by far but any jay song will beat the best lil wayne song any day of the year, jay might be gettin old and wayne will still have more years in him but jay-z is a legend up with pac and biggs and no one should forget that and i dont know why lil wayne is tryin to get anything on jay about his money, the day when lil wayne is worth as much as jay i’ll be Micheal Jackson, men lie women lie, numbers dont

  • breaunna allen

    birdman was on a show and they asked whts tha biggest check you seen he said 100000000 jayz on tha other hand 700000000 why respond back to weezy bitch ass