Game Steals No. 1 Spot from Jay-Z & Kanye West on the Charts

Despite early projections that predicted Game’s The R.E.D. Album would sell between 90,000 and 95,000 units its first week, the long-delayed set proved to be more popular than expected, selling 97,500 copies, according to the Nielsen SoundScan report released today (August 31). The stats were enough to earn the rapper’s fourth solo LP, a spot at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart.

R.E.D. bumps Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne to No. 2, which held the top spot on the charts for the last two weeks straight until now. The disc sold 94,200 units in this sales cycle, making its total 707,100 since its Aug. 8th digital release.

Eleven weeks after entering the chart, Eminem and Royce Da 5’9″‘s Bad Meets Evil’s EP,  Hell: The Sequel, goes down two spots to No. 15 with 18,000 copies sold. Overall, the set is just units away from gold status with current tally of 481,000.

Meanwhile, with an impressive 40 weeks on the charts, Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday goes up one position to No. 36 this week, selling 9,300 copies. To-date over 1,552,600 have bought the Young Money princess’s debut LP.

Check next Wednesday, September 7, to find out  if Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV lives up to the 700,000 to 850,000 projections.—Gina Montana

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    OH got the most loyal hard core fans,all cause he KEEPS IT REAL…he worth 25 mill and still hasnt gone radio single, no video spins, and still can push impressed…haters comment below..

    • PAP

      he didnt impress me when he purposely pushed back his album after WTT n before C4! cmon son, if he was really feeling himself he should have dropped with wtt or c4!

      • THA TRUTH

        It’s not only game that makes the decisions, INTERSCOPE has more to say when the albums gets dropped..They have to choose the best date in order to get the best returns on the investment…its more than hip-hop, it’s a BUSINESS

      • pap

        so would you still be screaming OH YEAH if interscope had no choose but to drop with C4 n still sell 97k but debut at #6 instead of #1???

        you see, rank doesnt matter to me, if an artist can co-exist on the debut charts with another artist n still move numbers then thats saying something. remember when Game clown on 50′s 170K sells. he debuted on 5 (#1 on hip hop charts tho) on the 200 charts but only behind Rihanna #1 n Justin Timberlake #3 n some rock band he couldnt debut #1 a week before but he’s a competitor….now thats impressive!

        • THA TRUTH

          You missed Games point about 50, he was saying that he went from selling 10 million records for GRODT, or 1 million 1st week sales for the massacre, to selling 170k..he was just saying he fell off hard. Game has been pretty not impressed that its #1, but the fact that he had no radio hits or video singles, and lets be honest, interscope didnt really push this album, it was left up to game.

          • PAP

            50 pushed his albumby himself too, n it leaked a month early! but you aint see him go on twitter begging fans to buy 2 albums for a follow back, thats corny. game is pretty consist??? he went from 5 mil to 2mil to 700K to 90K first week cmon son. Game had more features than almost all of fifs albums put together. i dont think son is gonna see any money comin from red. but hey, if 50 said you cant call a #1 a flop

          • WESTKOAST KING

            @ PAP …… Game had more features than 50 did on all his albums put together??? Eminem, banks, yayo, mob deep, nate dogg, THE GAME, Dre ….. should i keep going??? thats all im going to say because that proves to me you just talk out ur As.S!!! u is a fake NUCCA!!!

          • Azrael

            @WK, did you happen to notice that most of the people you named were from HIS TEAM. 50′s latest album only featured Em, whom he’s signed to, and Ne-Yo.

            Compare that to Kendrick Lamer, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Wayne, Tyler the Creator, Drake, Rick Ross, Beanie Sigel, Young Jeezy, Big Boi, E-40, Lloyd, Mario, Wale, Chris Brown, and fucking Nelly Furtado.

            And he only did 90K? The fuck?


    feelin ur argument, i c ur point..just sayin, Game can push units, unlike 90% of the rapper out now,his last album dropped in 08 and he can still get his fans to buy his album…300k worldwide…ok, hes not a headliner or stadium status, but he is somewhere in the middle, and thats pretty impressive in this day n age..

  • black jesus

    it was a solid album, he deserves the #1 spot.

    SOO WOO!!!!!

  • soowoo

    classic album, fuck sales…i can name 10 albums this year that are better than carter 4 and wont sell near as much….real hip hop is underground

  • soowoo

    and dont ever compare game to 50, game shits on that wack nigga

  • Fetstylez

    Oh son wtf you tokin bout? Son 50 aint stthi when it comes to the monster a.k.a The Game

  • EReal

    A lot of nutt huggers up in here.

  • BeerGangsta

    If game was not a hater he would sell a lot of records!! Watch the throne is to big of word for them. Wayne won’t sell no more than 200 thousand. All these fuckers wack !!!!!!!

  • b.o

    game dont need to worry abt US numbers cuz most of hs sales are from other countries.. imagine that game has sold 10mill copies world wide and onli 4mill come from the states.. i read an article that said hz one the most populer rappers worldwide evn more so than t.i. ths nigga be doin shows in swaziland and stuff so to everyone who thnks its ova for him, sorry to dissapoint yah.. RED ALBUM is still the truth tho..

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