Game Apologizes for Prank Tweet to LA Sheriff [Video]

Last Friday (August 12), a tweet from Game’s Twitter account with the phone number to the Los Angeles sheriff caused a flood of calls that clogged up the department’s lines. Today the West Coast rapper apologized live on CNN.

“My sincerest apologies to the sheriff’s department,” Game said. “It was a joke gone wrong.”

“I never want to be the source of anything happening wrong to anybody or anybody not being able to get through to the help lines at the police station,” he continued. “I don’t ever want to see anyone hurt. I’ve got kids at home. I’m not that guy.”

In return the sheriff’s department agreed to drop their investigation against Game and issued a statement in response: “His willingness to help share with the media and the community that the safety of the public is what is most important, is a great message.”

As previously reported, Game tweeted that he was looking for interns and then provided the LASD’s number. Game said that he did not write the tweet in question, blaming it on a friend.

“It was a simple mishap,” the rapper said. “I was doing a photo shoot, and it was downtown Los Angeles, and one of my boys picked up my phone and started tweeting random numbers.Whenever his phone is laying around and my phone is laying around, we tweet from each other’s page. That’s what happened.”

“He never sent out a tweet that said these numbers are for the internship,” Game added. “He tweeted a bunch of numbers jokingly. We always play pranks on each other.”

The Doctor’s Advocate’s long delayed fourth solo disc, The R.E.D. Album, hits stores this Tuesday, August 23. —Elan Mancini

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  • Eat it Nigguz!!!

    damn someone is running out of ideas to create some kind of way to get peoples attention… specially right before the album drops Hahaha…..

  • Lol

    The commenter above me… Gayest name ever. Smdh

  • haha

    hahah this nigga is smart he createed more buzz for RED
    haters gon hate looking forward to the album

    • RapMusic

      LoL.He didnt mention his album at all so how does this create more buzz? It only makes him look dumb and a pussy for blaming this whole thing on a friend.
      Im still gonna check out his album but this joke was a bad one and he knows he fucked up.