Busta Rhymes Speaks on Closing Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV

As of yesterday (August 24), Busta Rhymes was just like everyone else; he was eager to hear Tha Carter IV. Bus appears on the LP’s “Outro” rap cipher along with Nas, Bun B and Shyne.

“I didn’t hear it yet,” Busta told XXLMag.com via phone from his tour bus as he cruised through the Nevada desert. “I was told recently that it was me, him, Shyne and Bun B. I was told they put me last on the record as well. I close out the entire album. Again, the blessings continue to manifest. I haven’t heard the record yet, but knowing Wayne, its put together in the absolutely most stellar way it could be put together.”

If you’ve heard the album leak that came out on Wednesday, you’ll know Bus’s last words are “Tunechi thanks for giving us a whole ‘nother classic with Tha Carter IV.”

“Wayne is probably my top two or top three favorite MCs in the game right now,” Bus said about his friend and fellow guest star on Chris Brown’s recent number one single, “Look At Me Now.” “Wayne is one of my biggest inspirations because Wayne’s got a unprecedented work ethic. Wayne’s consistency is unparalleled as well. I don’t really find moments that I feel disappointed in whatever Wayne is doing. I definitely feel [like] he’s an alien. He doesn’t do shit that seems humane, as far as his ability. That man is one of the gifts to the game. I’m a big, big, big Wayne fan. I love working with him every time.”

Busta went on to call Weezy very “easy,” to work with and a “class act of greatness.”
Tha Carter IV comes out officially, directly after the MTV Video Music Awards through such digital outlets as iTunes and Amazon. Physical CDs will then be in stores the following next day, Monday, August 29. —Shaheem Reid

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  • jimmy

    this albums dope, theres almost notingto this album subject matter wise, a few songs here and there but mostly its good beats and wayne rambling, classic wayn, fun entertainment/ hes a better rambler when hes high on codine but my expectations were so low for this shit i was surpirsed how much i enjoy it.

  • Boss

    Busta you a bitch ass nigga

  • black jesus

    lmao buster rhymes is a bitch ass nigga. a class act of greatness? no homo nigga

  • Spyda Tha Cannon

    So Bus is a bitch ass nigga for giving props to someone he respects in the music industry? Get off that nigga’s dick. Fuckin homo thugs, lol.

  • fuckyall

    well bus played his slef being on the corny album death to young money

  • AbelCain

    if bus likes the guys work ethic and music why is he a homo?

  • Realnigga

    you cant be successfull without haters…..if you don’t like Wayne or Busta there’s a million people besides you that do…..I don’t really care much for the “alien” Wayne myself but all I care for is good music, and I think he’s still above average…..but Im really waiting for that J COLE shit!!!!

    • Aaron

      J Cole???? i rather make love songs with a rapist then wait for that metrosexual cat!….lmao

  • Aaron

    I rather listen to Lou Rawls Greatest Hits!…..This dude is hot thrash!..Wake up People …that is why he has all these people on his album!…FOH!

  • Jimmy Capo

    This album is no where near C3, as far as entertainment goes. Since Wayne doesn’t know how to tel stories its basically punchline rap. And his punchlines are weak or too boring to jump start anything. Basic album. Nothing special. Some beats were hard but lyrical failed to do it justice. Too many features, and the titles are misleading, they sound epic but they are far from it. Highlights are PresIdent Carter, Blunt Blowin, Interlude, Outro, John and Drizzy’s contribution to She Will. Pain’s and Legends tracks are pure garbage and all the bonus tracks are total wtf-ness.

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