Unlike a lot of his peers who have been revisiting their catalogs as-of-late, 50 Cent has never performed his classic seminal LP, Get Rich or Die Trying—arguably the biggest album of the last decade—in its entirety. The G-Unit general says he may wait until February 6, 2013, to commemorate the disc’s 10-year anniversary.

“It goes fast,” 50 recently said of his milestone. “When people say times fly when you’re having fun, they’re not lying.”

Fif still has a couple more years to get his master plan to commemorate the project together. He has more than enough to take up his time in the interim. He’s shooting films left and right, still recording an album and performing a bevy of spot dates overseas. But the man who got rich back in the day, wants to give back now with a project he’s been calling “SK”—which stands for Street King—on his Twitter page.

“I’ve been occupied with my newest idea,” he explains. “Initially I thought money was gonna make me happy, because a lot of the issues that were right in front of me were financial issues growing up. I earned finances [when I got older] to the point where I’m pretty comfortable. I don’t see things I can’t buy. Some things I would have to work for. You look at huge boats, you can go ahead and buy them, I can buy them if I wanted to. … It feels good now because I’m shifting into a different pocket because ... My new goal is to feed a billion people in Africa over the next five years.”

As previously reported, 50 has already announced plans to raise money for the continent with a new energy drink called Street King. In addition 50 says he has some other big philanthropic efforts which he will unveil soon complete with some major partners. —Shaheem Reid