Ski Beatz and Murs may both be veterans in hip-hop, but until recently, they had never crossed paths. A chance meeting, though, has turned into a collaborative album, called Love & Rockets, Volume 1: The Transformation, set to drop this fall.

"I met Murs through tabi Boney," Ski told "He brought him to the studio. I had never heard of him before—I'm out the loop when it comes to anything. So I met him and he was cool, we kicked it for a second and recorded a song with him and tabi."

Before long, West Coaster Murs was back out East and ready to work. "He came back in the city a few months after that and he was chopping it up with Dame [Dash], and they had an idea like, 'Yo, we should do a tour, but record an album with Ski and tour the album.' So me and him locked in—he stayed a couple weeks—and we made a bunch of songs."

Now, the two are preparing to go on a 60-day tour, along with tabi Boney, McKenzie Eddy, Sean O'Connell and Dash, in order to promote the album.

"It was different, because I’m not familiar with his music, so I wasn’t exactly sure what type of music he likes," Ski continued. "So we just came up with some totally different stuff that was different for both of us, and it sounds good."

Though there is no date on the album officially, look out for it to drop in early fall. —Adam Fleischer