Foxy Brown is headed back to court. The rapstress' trial for allegedly breaking a restraining order filed against her by her neighbor begins today (July 12).

As previously reported, the Brooklyn Don Diva's neighbor, Arlene Raymond, claims that FB screamed at her and then bent over and exposed her buttocks during a July 2010 altercation—which is in direct violation of a restraining order issued against Brown in 2008 for a separate incident.

Brown has pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal contempt. If convicted she faces up to one year in in jail.

Fox Boogie has not gotten off to a good start. Just last month the Firm member showed up two hours late to court and was threatened with jail time. She later insisted it was because her lawyer told her the wrong time.

Stay tuned to for updates on the trial.

Update: Charges against Foxy Brown  for violating a court order by mooning her neighbor were dropped after the woman told prosecutors she would not testify at the trial, according to the Associated Press.

"While the district attorney's office has no doubt the defendant committed this crime, we have no other choice but to dismiss this case," Assistant District Attorney Robert Isdith said, adding that for weeks he tried to reach the neighbor, Arlene Raymond, who eventually told him she didn't want to pursue the case.

And, unlike her fashionably late entrance to court last month, it was noted that Fox Boogie was punctual this time, wearing a gray silk dress and heels. Brown said outside court that she was headed straight to the recording studio and that she's not planning to return to criminal court any time soon.Martin Spasov (additional reporting by Mariel Concepcion)