BET Removes Ban of Killer Mike’s “Burn” Video

Score one for Twitter. Recently it was announced over the social networking site that Killer Mike’s controversial video for “Burn”—a politically and socially charged banger off his new album PL3DGE—was banned from BET, due to what Mike told XXL, was too much violent imagery. But we learned today (July 19), that the network has changed its mind, after seeing the reaction from his fans online. [Watch the video above]

“BET always listens to its audience,” a rep for the station told”Thanks to the power of Twitter, BET has reassessed Killer Mike’s ‘Burn’ video and has decided to accept the video for BET Networks. If we decide to air the video on 106 & Park, we will have a conversation and discuss the issues presented in the video.”

After finding out the new development, XXL quickly dialed up Mike to deliver the good news and, as expected, he was beyond excited. “Thank all my Twitter supporters,” he screamed into the phone, “because literally they went ham on BET.”

Asked to explain the motivation behind the impassioned song, Mike explained: “I wrote that song on the behalf of young Black men who are poor and disenfranchised, who have doubled the unemployment rate. I wrote it for people that are being abused by banking and finance companies, people that are being abused by the church and stolen from, I wrote it on the behalf of Oscar Grant who was murdered by police men who didn’t even serve a full year.”

And now he won’t just be preaching to the choir.

PL3DGE is currently in stores. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Love__rell

    Protecting those who murder us everyday. Another casey anthony verdict by BET the power of the people became one..

  • B.B.

    For a young woman who’s Grandfather was banned from Alabama fighting for the rights of black people, BURN touched me. This video is the most impressive thing I’ve seen since spike Lee movies. I thank Killer Mike for trying to educated the masses, & even my grandmother loved it. peace.

  • southcakc23

    GRIND TIME RAP GANG BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! Salute to BET for doing the right thing! Finally, a record worth hearing might make it on 106 and park!

  • RudoYera

    B.E.T. should be ashamed of themselves. The largest pushers of B.S. to our youth & they have the AUDACITY to try & stop this Brother from spreading the TRUTH!!!
    I’m STILL boycotting them!!!
    Belittling & Embarrassing Tell-A-Lie-Vision!!!

  • southcakc23

    oh, and big shouts out to for being THE FIRST hip hop website to headline this GROUND BREAKING development in the world of REAL HIP HOP!

  • $yk

    Yo Mike…

    I know you reading fam…

    KEEP GOING…I ain’t gonna waste time speaking on that channel…this is about you getting that message out…KEEP GOING


  • TenEightyP


  • swype-matic

    Can believe BET would put a ban on a powerful video like that…but now that I think about it, I CAN believe it.

  • KGdaArtist

    I do appreciate the fact that voices gets heard. This is more than likely one of many battles to be fought. Believe me, we were just really getting started. #GTRGBBB

  • Ch*l*z

    Power 2 the ppl…..

    Keep doing u….PL3DGE…that’s what’s up!

  • fnf

    i see oakland is well representd! bay area to the world!

  • SweatBox Pro

    I am glad to see that the people made this happen. Power To The People! Hip Hop isn’t just all about having a good time. Sometimes we need to examine real issues in the community. Kila Kill does just that. And to think, we almost didn’t play this beat for him.

  • B. Mason

    Are we really surprised and truly outraged? Did ya’ll forget that the “E” in BET stands for neither Education nor Enlightenment? So Empowerment is definitely out of the question here.

  • carl

    F*$% BET!!

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