Women’s Rights Groups Protest Odd Future Performance

Women’s Rights and LGBT groups are criticizing the Pitchfork Music Festival for including the rap group Odd Future as part of its lineup, according to CMJ.com.

Between Friends, a nonprofit agency which describes itself as being “dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence and abuse,” is hoping to print 5,000 hand-fans with messages regarding violence against women and steps that can be taken to prevent and deal with it, handing them around the concert (scheduled for July 15-17 in Chicago) and “hopefully, getting them discussing the issue and knowing where to turn for help,” according to Between Friends’ post on IndieGoGo.com.

In regards to Odd Future, the post describes them as having lyrics that are “extremely violent toward women (as well as other groups of people).”

The post on IndeGoGo states that while Between Friends doesn’t agree with Odd Future’s lyrics, they write “it is their art, and we’d like to offer a counterpoint and continue to help people that are being affected by the violence they describe.“

Odd Future (full name Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All or OFWGKTA) has been under fire recently for having violent as well as homophobic lyrics, being called “irresponsible” by the Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

Perhaps unknown to all the parties involved, the group’s DJ and engineer, Syd Tha Kid, is an open lesbian. –Martin Spasov

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  • Tru Talk

    HAHAHAH gonna be hilarious wen they find out Syd is gay, gnna end all the protest bullshit

  • olive

    wow xxl needs new writers. look how they spelled ofwgkta in the title.. The OFWGTHA crew is being taken to task for their controversial lyrics… fail at least spell it right

  • HU

    I love the lack of depth of both XXL and its readers. Because they have a lesbian in the background they can say anything about gays that they want without consequences? So Howard Stern can say racist stuff all day because Robin Quivers is black? Could George Bush make all the racist and sexist comments he wanted because he appointed Condoleeza Rice? Most of hip-hop and it’s followers are starting to annoy the hell out of me.

    • G3

      youre fucking stupid. they can fucking justify it because syd is lesbian and isnt offended by it and agrees with it, all the shit your saying is just bullshit your fucking regressive idiot.

      • Jack TRipper

        G3…man you’re dumb. So I guess Howard Stern can get a pass on saying anything that reeks of racism because his sidekick Robin, who’s black, wasn’t offened by what Howard said? Or could it be that Robin’s an Aunt Jemmima and….ah fuck it. G# How old are you? 13?

        • Jugular Kill

          Jack TRipper

          Howard Stern is still being racist right? exactly the world has let him pass as well as all the other racist & sexist ppl.

          So why not a bunch of kids who are obviously not serious?

          Odd Future talk about punching & raping bitches…Anyone over the age of 8 should figure out “ITS NOT REAL” since they’re not in jail.

          these ppl are focusing on the wrong issues, the government is raping them every day and they care about a bunch of kids playing about

          • Jack Tripper

            Juglar, the bottom line is words have power. No matter how innocent one’s intentions may be, if percieved wrong by the wrong person, one’s innocent intentions may be met with serious consequences.

  • Tim

    Well now that I know they will be there, I’m gonna need to wear an offensive t shirt when I go.

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