Pete Rock & Smif-n-Wessun Speak on Altercation With NYPD

Following the incident with the New York Police Department that occurred at the Pete Rock and Smif-n-Wessun show at New York City’s Tammany Hall on Tuesday night (June 28), the trio have released a statement concerning the events.

On Tuesday, June 28th, Pete Rock, Tek & Steele (of Smif-n-Wessun) were celebrating the release of their collaborative album, Monumental,” the statement reads. “It was a peaceful gathering inside of a sold-out Tammany Hall (Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY) to see the group perform new music from the project. Earlier in the evening some guests wanted to enter the event but were turned away by the management and bouncers employed by the club. A minor argument ensued, but eventually was diffused by the bouncers. Thirty minutes after that minor skirmish 15-20 uniformed police officers from the 7th precinct arrived at the venue. Shortly after even more uniformed officers arrived. The officers then hurried into the club and began macing and assaulting individuals inside the club, dragging one of them out and pummeling him directly in front of the club. Present at the event were artists, industry tastemakers, fans, photographers, and cameramen. Several people began filming and recording the unprovoked brutality, much to the dismay of the police. The officers then began to mace and assault anyone within arms length, including several women. Kenneth Montgomery, the group’s attorney, who was in attendance at the event, stated that the Police ‘behavior was unjustified, unprovoked, and simply barbaric considering there was no provocation.’ Pete Rock, Tek and Steele fortunately were not harmed, however some of their friends & family were assaulted by the police.

Pete Rock, Tek and Steele held a press conference earlier this afternoon to discuss the events at their show and answer any questions outside the  New York Criminal Court.

As previously reported, six people were arrested and five officers were injured at Tuesday’s show after the NYPD arrived at Tammany Hall requesting that everyone evacuate the building. After the choas, Tek turned to Twitter to express his irritation. “Fuk the police! They fuck my my man @LOUIESKAGGS up 4noffin 2night! Can we all say #LAWSUIT!! Newyork pricks & dicks!!”

Stay tuned to as this story continues to unfold. —Amber McKynzie

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  • Wiz Khalifa is Fucking Retarded. Not in a good way. Fuck all his lame fans. Yes You. Fuck you!

    Same tired shit from dumbass rappers. “I’m great”, “police are bad and the classic “Fuck the Police”. They act like toddlers. It’s crazy ridiculous. Laughable even. Grow Up. Be a man. Contribute to your community in a positive way. quit acting like a bitch.

    • that nigga

      You sound like a fuckin’ idiot!! I wish you were there put in that same position, wonder what your statement would read then? Actin’ like toddlers, how, the performers weren’t harmed, it was the fans, industry folk, etc and even Smif n Wessuns Lawyer, guess the Lawyer was actin’ like a toddler too. Fuckin’ dumb ass.

      • NiggasRstupid4Real

        You sound so stupid it would be unfair to respond with logic so I’ll just say something you understand. Fuck U.

        • Keyz

          When the police brutalise people who have not provoked them for no reason. Regardless of race it is acceptable to be angry. When men abuse their power it becomes time to stop recognising them by their title and see that individual as a man who has stepped out of line and cannot be allowed to continue with that behaviour. Police = good, Corrupt police = bad. You cannot seriously say every police officer behaves in line with the law. Thankyou

          • DG89

            NYPD feels like they can do whatever they want. Unfortunately, they can. Courts back them up. Judges back them up. 2 low life cops rape a drunk girl and walk free. If you did it you would have been in Rikers faster than a speeding bullet.
            They got excuses and courts give them a ‘benefit of the doubt’ just cause they are police.
            Why? Does that make them special? They have guns and support of our legal system and strength in numbers (we all know it takes 30 cops to arrest 1 dude for smoking a joint outside). They are still people thou and a lot of them lose their minds when they are given this much power, even if they weren’t dicks before.
            There has to be a better system of checks and balances when it comes to NYPD, or any PD for that matter.
            We are forced by the US government to pay their salaries through taxes and they shit on us.
            When was the last time a cop actually helped you?
            How about the last time a cop screwed you over by hustling you for no reason, or giving you a BS ticket, or abusing their power in some other way?
            People hate cops and cops are OK with that. They don’t even try to change and improve their relations with people they are suppose to protect.
            It says ‘courtesy, professionalism and respect’ on NYPD vehicles.
            When you think ‘cops’ do you think ‘courtesy, professionalism and respect’?
            Any company that would ruin their relationship with clients would eventually go out of business or be forced to change.
            NYPD is an institution that does not comply with any of the human, logical or just decency rules. They just exist and we are forced to take whatever they want to do to us.
            ‘Fuck the police?’ Really? No. We need them. But we don’t like them and they are doing a lot every day to justify that.
            Fuck the system that allows, and even encourages, them to be the way they are.
            …Oh, and BTW, Tek, Steele and Pete Rock, thanks for your music and I am so sorry this had to happen at your event!

  • yadira garcia

    u no im all for the peace end erythang but this police stuff is going on all ova ..especially when they put these rookys out there..they get that badge is like they got the keys to the city and they can do and say wut they want…not good yall need to stop it wit all that profiling..shit go and get them childmolesters…. still working in yall precinct…”one love “joeyjaws700..