Nas is Working With Odd Future, Source Confirms

Nasty Nas is about to get a little bit nastier. learned that God’s Son has recorded a song with the L.A. collective for his forthcoming new album.

A source close to the group has confirmed to XXL that a few of the OFWGKTA members will be on the track.

A rep for Nas failed to comment on the song when reached. Stay tuned to XXL as this story develops. —Jesse Gissen

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  • mav

    y esco fuckin wit this flavor of the month ass niggas?…i guess he gettin his Jay-z on..

  • Haha

    Lol there goes Tech N9nes disses respect. lmfao

  • T

    Fuck. This makes me angry.

  • BEND the CURVE!

    Hip hop has different aspects to it. I find it great that a LEGEND like Nas with his pure lyrical skills would collab with Odd Future. Odd Future my not be for everybody but they are liked by many and several artists in the industry are working with Odd Future members. Kanye, Jay-z, Method Man, Nas, Game and Pusha T have all co-signed this groups and especially Frank Ocean who has been in the studio individually with Nas, Beyonce, Pharrell and Kanye & Jay-z.

    It is good to see Nas come out of hiding and be more present because lyrically he is still dope and his new song “Nasty” proves that.

  • B_NiggaLack

    WTF!!! Nasty Nas collabin with those new cats Odd Future!! out of all the artists that would love to work with nas he picks ODD FUTURE!!! If nas later decides he wants to work with Lil b im done fuckin with nas. im sorry

    • Nick

      and thats exactly y ur a fake-ass fan

  • romil

    Not feelin that, them dudes dont even pay homage to the vets.
    Knowing they bit off golden era rap (Wu Tang) I hope Nas is just collabin with Frank Ocean, not feelin them dudes they dont respect the game at all.

    • Mellow Hype

      That’s the point… Odd Future doesn’t care about the “game” and the vets they appreciate and learn from em but all they care about is making their music their way and its only gonna boost them up by working with nas

  • tihs si san

    I heard Nas is gonna replace his Kelis tat with one of Frank Ocean. Fuck Nas! Fuck Odd (no) Future (in hip hop)!

  • mydude


  • jtm

    call me a hater all you want but nas is a idiot for working with odd future.

  • really stop the BS

    I wonder if this was Jay-z collaborating with Odd Future would people have the same hateful reaction? Probably NOT!

    • GL


  • fuckyall

    well they anit going be around long i no some legends . only do 15 to 40 k tops with new lps.
    but these mother fuckers had all that hype and only did 50 and you dont see them on the charts after a week or 2.
    i dont care about numbers. but you got be over hyped when you got rap sites sucking your dick. and mtv showing your shit and you do them gay ass sales . so hang in there real hip hop these fags and i mean that as. they take it in the ass none skill mom should took them to the face lame ass niggasssssssssss will be gone soon if not my be some but slug in the mug

  • O. From da Block

    Nah tthem OF niggaz iz NICE! it should sound ILL!

  • josh

    SWAGGGGGGG. This honestly just gives me more respect for Nas. He is recognizing new and upcoming talent, and not trying to act like an elitist who only works with legends. I think it just shows versatility on his side. Also, congratz to OF for landing something like that, I think they finally made it.

    Wolf Gang.

  • kite

    Nas’ truly the ‘God’s son’. Peace God. i predict shit’s gone be hottt since there’s an LA feel on it. aint saying QB dont rock.

  • nquestion

    Why not Havoc, why not the Alchemist, Why not Neo da Matrix,these are producers that would excite me to know Nas is currently working with !!!!

  • Ch*l*z

    He tryna tapping @ the yung!!

  • Lucrative

    Noooooooo! Nas should not be making some bullshit with Odd Future they have collectively 4 good songs if that. As Ed Lover say’s “C’mon Son!, Fuckouttaherewiththtbullshit!” Nas should hit ME up before Odd Future Men that kiss dolls dont get a say with a legend. ever.

  • Kamal

    i think Nas sharing his talent with OF is a nice thing to do. plus OF is amazing. listen to the lyrics before u dis them for being new

    • shim

      how about dissing them because they fuckin suck…

  • Slaughter

    You guys are all real stupid if your trying to say that odd future has no lyrical quality. Orange Juice leggo

  • Slaughter

    You guys are all real stupid if your trying to say that odd future has no lyrical quality. Orange Juice

  • Listen Up

    All you niggaz need to do some research before you get all asshurt about nas doing a song with some new niggas like odd future, i know its questionable but a few memebers in odd future like ear and hodgy beats are nice rappers way better than tyler and actually remind me of a young nas so stfu and get that dik out ur azz and appreciate shiit