Mister Cee Allegedly Lashes Out on Twitter

It looks like Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee, who plead guilty this week to a charge of loitering for the purpose of engaging in a prostitution offense, isn’t appreciating recent reports about him.

The finisher allegedly took to his locked Twitter account, @Real_MisterCee, to vent about the negative attention he’s gained recently after reportedly getting caught and arrested in a sexual act with another man.

“SO WHAT! Mind ur motherfucking business. Thats right i said it!!” he tweeted. “Some people have such depressing lives they get joy from other mistakes. Some people worry about me more than they own damn kids SMH.. You so motivated to #Hate why not get that motivated to make ur Kids better?

Earlier this week, officials told the New York’s Daily News that Cee was not charged with a crime but a violation. He was ordered complete three months, or 12 sessions, of counseling with a doctor. He is scheduled to appear in court again in coming weeks. — XXL Staff

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  • Enlightened

    Why don’t he just stop talking? That was working for him. This is making it worse.

  • alderman j

    This nigga mad cause he got exposed!! get it exposed!!! LMAO, and i aint got no kids but if i had some i would damn sure keep away from his sick ass!!!! hilarious!!!!

  • phillipe

    yeah, this nigga acting like he didn’t get caught in some mad undercover brother bullshit

  • AntoineMuhammad

    How is Mister Cee gonna get mad and say “SO WHAT!” like he didnt originally say it wasnt true and he was set up??

    How you gonna say “The truth will come out” *PAUSE* but then get mad when it does?

    …and what “mistake” did he make? He didnt know what he was doing when he did it?

    SMH!! Boy I tell ya….things in the game done changed!

  • kev

    i understand after court proceedings dj mister cee confirmed the hip hop weekly cover story about him, eddie murphy and ll cool j are true. he in fact does know the transgender author toni newman and she has been telling the truth all along about all 3. Hip Hop Weekly magazine got it right 100 percent and the book I rise by transgender toni newman is in fact factual and correct

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  • Deniroi

    So dis dude’s gay? And he stil has d effrontery 2 wannabe a face of hip hop? I av no problem wit gays bt hip hop is 2 hard 4 foggots. Go r&b nd rock punk!

  • Jack Tripper

    “SO WHAT! Mind ur motherfucking business. Thats right i said it!!”

    Dude you got chagred with public indencey! You’re the one that made it everyone’s business. Get the fuck outta here.

  • teflonheart234


  • whthappend2hiphop

    THEY are tryina make bein gay ok to the average rap fan… no problem with gays but come on now whats wrong with bein straight? like 50 cent said, if you say anything about gays in showbizz you will end up wrighting an apology letter. They (HOMOSEXUALS) run showbizz. Google it….

  • forreal

    personally it is “so what” its his life and if he wanna get some head by a nigga So Fucking what people need to mind their business and let other people do wtf they wanna the same people saying he got exposed is the same people thats thinking about committing suicide because there insecure gay men are everywhere get off this man Dick and worry about whatyou doing wit ya lives

  • MisterCeeGotXxposed

    Dam mister cee youre a faggett… Next thing you know kanye’s gonna get caught moistening anotha niccas d!ck