Update: Lupe Fiasco Appears on The O’Reilly Factor [VIDEO]

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After being targeted by Bill O’Reilly last week for his controversial statements about President Barack Obama, Lupe Fiasco will be appearing on the Fox News pundit’s TV series, The O’Reilly Factor, tonight (June 20) to defend his comments.

As previously reported, O’Reilly took issue with an interview Fiasco had with CBS earlier this month, where he referred to Obama as “a terrorist.” Upset by Lupe’s sentiments, O’Reilly labeled the Chicago rapper “a pinhead” during a segment on his TV show last Tuesday (June 14).

Since then, Lupe has agreed to appear on the show, which will air tonight on Fox News at 8 p.m. EST and 11 p.m. Central. [Watch a preview of the episode above.] —Elan Mancini

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  • Sha

    Another dumb-assed move by Lupe…..

    First…. I get where he is coming from with the terrorism statement. I understand his perspective. And I think I’ve more than addressed why it’s an assed-backwards statement.

    I also get the fact that going on O’Racist’s show is about standing up for your words “like a man”. As a father I can understand that, and to a certain degree, even applaud it.

    But here’s where it gets sticky…..

    Bill O’Racist is not going to allow Lupe to talk. He’s going to pimp the statement he made for ratings. He’s going to over talk Lupe just to get his sound bite moments. He’s going to literally milk the FOX NEWS tit for all it’s worth. So Lupe is almost a guaranteed loss on that show. It’s not like he has the scowl and talk-back-over-your-ass gutter skills that Dame Dash and Killa Cam had when they were on that show.

    And before all of the dummies start saying,

    “Oh but Bill O’Reilly is defending President Obama…”

    Let me put that notion to bed….

    This dude wouldn’t spit on President Obama if he was on fire. He has said some of the most blatantly racist things about Obama I have ever heard. From Common going on the Poetry slam to the “Palling around with terrorists” support he showed to Sarah Palin. This dude has no love for Obama.

    This is once again about Money-and-Racism. He’s going to play chess with Lupe’s ass and get those record labels and endorsers to boycott Lupe. And therefore publicly sh*t on another black man as he has always done on 70% of his shows.

    Granted…. No one told Lupe to say that stupid ish. And no one is telling him to take his ass on the show. So to a degree he has to accept some responsibility for the ass whipping he’s about to receive (debate-wise and record selling-wise).

    But damn, Lupe….. I know you are smarter than what you’re showing.

    • What you talkin bout willis

      Lupe and prodigy should do an album together. They could call it dumb and dumber. All you people talking shit about Fox are the real racists. People like Rev Wright and Van Jones are the racists. I’m so sick of ignorant people crying racism if they have a difference of opinion about something. The war on terror is a war worth fighting and you should all be more supportive to the troops who are fighting for our Freedoms. Without which you might not be able to make your stupid comments in the first place.

      • Somebody Talking Sense Finally

        That last comment was right but nobody’s gonna listen. Most of the people that post on here are dumb and only hear what they wanna here.
        Also most of them promote hate and accuse innocent people of being racist because it serves their cause. Oh yeah I forgot it’s okay to be racist if you’re a minority.

  • d-roc-1

    Lupe is just trying to get some added/free promotion for his album. When did this nigga become so black panther like. This dude should be a shame for using Obama is fucked up. Lupe isn’t making no difference in the world r nothing like that. The shit u rap about people don’t really listen 2. I wish somebody could bring back Pac and BIGG!!!

  • D

    All come on Lu.
    Strike one: you released a weak album that your record label pushed back & choose the weak tracks.

    Strike two: Calling President Obama a terrorsit.

    Strike Three: Now appearing on Bill O’ jack Ass show. Didn’t you made an anti Fox track?

    I also find it odd that Bill dissed Common sometime ago but when Lupe dissed President O, he get to appear on the show. Bitch moved on between the two of them.

    • Go back to pre school

      O’Reilly was right about common. He shouldn’t have been invited to read poetry at the White House. And he was right about Fiasco. What Lupercal said was INSANE!
      If someone has a genuine complaint about O’Reilly then fair enough but why keep attacking him for no reason. He’s an old man. You got nothing better to do than beat up old men. Also if you really think he’s racist then do something about it rather than just complain on sites like this. Have any of you actually watched Fox or do you just hate it cause your favourite rapper called them out for publicity. Hello Nas.

  • Shawty J

    I actually watched the O’Reilly factor to see Lupe on it. O’Reilly did exactly what Sha say he was going to do, he railroaded Lupe and didn’t give him much of a chance to speak. Lupe looked like a damn fool on the show. O’Reilly pretty much forced him into a corner where Lupe had to admit that he was over-generalizing regarding Obama’s “terrorist” status and U.S. foreign policy. Like I mentioned before Lupe wasn’t doing a good job of explaining his viewpoint to begin with, he had no chance against O’Reilly.

  • http://aswipe.com ass wipe

    hes right



  • YOU ARE SO FUCKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lupe is supporting real terrorism with this stupid crap.
    How do you outsmart a nigga?
    Say something even remotely clever.

    • Nasir

      Nun uh son.You ain’t never gona outsmart a nigga like me.Im way 2 smart for you.don’t be saying niggas stupid coz I’ll fucking beat your azz homie.I is way smarter than you or these other losers.I may seem like I aint smart but I be noing errything beleive.

  • thoms3

    the only thing LUPE wanted to state is that some of the US actions and policies fit into terrorism…that’s all and to actually stop it ..we have to get to the root. lastly he wanted us to know that it didn’t start with obama it’s been going on for years…

    • silenca

      Do you really believe that? That’s a dangerous and ignorant view to have. This whole thing has been about Fruity Lupe getting publicity. He got people talking and he got on primetime TV. I don’t agree with the saying that any publicity is good publicity and I think this fiasco proves that.

  • Chris

    Anytime you make Bill O’reilly look like the good guy…..you are doing something wrong.

  • Blaq

    Fuck bill O’reilly for being the racist fuck he is and using the black man’s culture to attack him; fuck Lupe Fiasco for allowing him the oppurtunity to do it; Fuck fox news and every other biased racist media outlet;and fuck whoever is brain-washed enough to think other wise. What’s really the difference between Lupe and O’reilly? nothing! they are both just 2 windbags blowing steam while doing NOTHING to better the situations they complain about. TURN THAT FUCKIN’ TV OFF!

    • Blaq

      P.S.- GET OFF OBAMA’s D@%k!

      • http://vibe.com Kiss the Blaq est piece of my ass, Dumbass

        All together now. Black sheep go Baaa Baaa Baaa.
        FOX isn’t racist in any way shape or form.
        You are a pathetic loser promoting hate.

        • Blaq

          If you believe that fox news is not racist………YOU ARE! SMDH I can’t believe you’d defend them. You are the pathetic loser for promoting hate. WTF is someone like you even doing on this site. Try “DavidDuke.com”

          • AlabamaFlag4eva

            Hey Blaq. What are y’all doing on this site. Do they let y’all niggas on this site. Ain’t you up in the clink getting ur salad tossed by some fag wannabe terrorists right now.
            How u Gon say someone is racist for watching the news.
            What’s wrong with u. U got a screw loose or sumthin.

  • AntiFiascos

    Fiasco is a moron.
    All you bitches sound so stupid keep going on about Fox.
    Your accusations are based on absolutely nothing at all.

  • Love Freedom

    I’m on this site cause I love Hip Hop.
    I also love Fox News.
    You are the racist!
    What are you doing on this site?
    It s supposed to be about Hip Hop.
    I’ll always stand up for the innocent.
    You’re wrong on what you say.

    • SS88

      I love hip hop but I watch Fox too.
      Don’t get why people have a problem with that.
      Does it say in your hip hop guide book that you have to hate a particular news channel to be accepted by your peers. Your favourite rapper is more likely to be racist than anyone at Fox.

  • Love Freedom

    The comment above was supposed to be a reply to Blaq on the previous page.

  • FuckYouXxlWithAllYourRacistBullshit

    Nobody else said it yet so let me say it.
    Some black people really have a chip on there shoulder don’t they. They seem to think they are superior to people of another race. They seem to think that they’re above the law and that they’re the only thing in the world. They’re already mad. Imagine how much madder they’re gonna get when they find out the world doesn’t revolve around them.
    I’m not talking about ALL black people. That wont stop you overly sensitive thugs from wanting to hurt someone though will it.