Earlier this week, during an interview with CBS News' "What's Trending," Lupe Fiasco commented that he believes Obama is the "biggest terrorist." After getting some heat from the media for it, the Chicago rapper has gone on the record to defend his statement.

"I've got nothing to clarify. It's Obama and the U.S. government," Lupe told Billboard.com. "[It's] every president that came before him and every president that comes after him.

"It's funky because everybody's pulling soundbites from this one interview that we did, but they don't talk about anything else from the interview," he continued. "So it's really about, 'What do people want to listen to?' It's not what I want to talk about, cause I want to talk about all types of shit... there wasn't the same reaction about me having a book club... about me trying to promote literacy in a country with 50 million functioning illiterates walking around, because we have a failed and flawed education system."

Lupe also elaborated on why he doesn't vote, another declaration he made during the CBS interview, saying voting simply "doesn't work." Taking it a step further, he's taken to his Twitter as well to defend his beliefs.

"The Morning Hate...Ready...Set....Go...," he tweeted today (June 9), in addition to retweeting several negative comments made towards him. "If President Barack Obama is the "biggest terriost to America" @lupefiasco is the "biggest terriost to the hopes of Black people," one read, to which he replied, "That is by far the best negative thing I've ever seen/heard someone say/write about me ever!!!"—XXL Staff