Lupe Fiasco Defends His Obama Comments

Earlier this week, during an interview with CBS News’ “What’s Trending,” Lupe Fiasco commented that he believes Obama is the “biggest terrorist.” After getting some heat from the media for it, the Chicago rapper has gone on the record to defend his statement.

“I’ve got nothing to clarify. It’s Obama and the U.S. government,” Lupe told ”[It's] every president that came before him and every president that comes after him.

“It’s funky because everybody’s pulling soundbites from this one interview that we did, but they don’t talk about anything else from the interview,” he continued. “So it’s really about, ‘What do people want to listen to?’ It’s not what I want to talk about, cause I want to talk about all types of shit… there wasn’t the same reaction about me having a book club… about me trying to promote literacy in a country with 50 million functioning illiterates walking around, because we have a failed and flawed education system.”

Lupe also elaborated on why he doesn’t vote, another declaration he made during the CBS interview, saying voting simply “doesn’t work.” Taking it a step further, he’s taken to his Twitter as well to defend his beliefs.

“The Morning Hate…Ready…Set….Go…,” he tweeted today (June 9), in addition to retweeting several negative comments made towards him. ”If President Barack Obama is the “biggest terriost to America” @lupefiasco is the “biggest terriost to the hopes of Black people,” one read, to which he replied, “That is by far the best negative thing I’ve ever seen/heard someone say/write about me ever!!!”—XXL Staff

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  • Wiliams

    I somewhat agree with Lupe but Obama in a tough spot. If you have to kill for example 10 civilians to get 1 bad guy that will and has killed hundreds, I think you gotta take the bad guy out. So that’s 10 innocent people dead or 600 innocent people dead…what would y’all do????

  • Escobar9300

    Man people are so ignorant to think that just because Obama is black, every black person has to continue to support him. Obama is fucking up big time and its time to stop sugar coating the bullshit in the name of “standing up for your people”. Obama isn’t .doing a god damn thing he promised in his election campaign, and I’m glad I didn’t waste a vote on his propaganda But I respect Lupe for having the balls to rightfully criticize him despite knowing most people would lambaste him for being black and speaking ill of the first black president.


      Man ain’t you watch Aries Spears on All Star Comedy Jam. Let’s just get one of us in the whitehouse first, who cares if he don’t do shit. Nah jokin.

  • asgf

    He has a piont we’ll sacrifice tons just to keep our standerd of living through our insatible thirst of oil. Every pres has to do these thing cuz if they dont somebody else will take their placed and will.

  • Fed Up With the Bullshit

    Black people need to wake the hell up. Obama IS NOT GOD. If you love him so much why didn’t you vote in the midterms so he could continue pushing his agenda rather than be in a losing situation with a House overrun by the political right. Stop looking at his skin color and read a damn book, article, etc. Learn the politics to understand why Lupe said what he said. DAMN!

  • kidnothing1

    Its not even Obama’s fault, the system is way too corrupt for anyone who can make relevant change to get into office. Lupe keep speakin your truth brotha!

  • Chase Hayes

    I have alot to say about Obama and I have in my book, Platoon 2115, A Private Life. Lupe Fiasco should read it on my facebook ( info pg where I had Lupe as one of my favorite musicians until I read his quote.